Follower Drilldown By Location

Fedica empowers you to drill down by country, state, and city to see and engage with your followers in the selected region. The follower segmentation section allows you to drill down to a subset of your followers based on location and other demographics, but you can also use the map to drill down to your followers by location, follow these steps: 1. Go to the Followers Map – the link is on the left hand bar navigation or click on the “View Interactive Map” button on the dashboard map. 2. Click on the “Analyze by” button on top of the map and select country, state, or city. 3. The interactive map has tabs with the percentage of followers in the different locations. Click on the tab of the location you are interested in. This will display the approximate number of followers and percent of followers from this region*. 4. Premium users will also see a link that says “Who Are They?” – Click for a list of 100 followers. There will be an option to click on each to look over the profile, post to them, or follow. The full list of followers can be exported to a CVS file.
* The number is approximate because not all of your followers will have disclosed their location. *Follower Drilldown By Location is available to our paid plans members.

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