Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Social media networks do you support?
    Our service supports X (Twitter), Facebook, Instagram and Mastodon for analytics and publishing. It also supports LinkedIn, Bluesky, Tiktok, Threads and Pinterest for publishing only. Each network has certain capabilities, so not all tools are available on all networks, please see our plans page for more details.
  • Do you require all the permissions listed during the authorization phase?
    No, we require only some of the permissions, but unfortunately X does not have a more granular permission model that allows us to only choose the permissions we need. Hence you see this big list of permissions with many that we don't use or need We do need the permission to follow other accounts, but only if you excplicitly click a "follow button", for example if you find an interesting accounts from a specific location, or with unique interests or simply just followed you recently We also need the permission to post because our scheduler (which has many advanced functions not found in other services) needs that permission to function, obviously! We never update your profile info, mute or delete posts at any point in time. We also explain each listed permission in details here
  • How do I login with a different account?
    If you have multiple accounts, you can switch between the accounts by clicking the logoff button, then Login with a different account. If you have a paid subscription with multiple accounts, switching between account can be done with one click, i.e. no need to logoff then login.
  • Will you post without my consent?
    No, we only send post if you explicitly click the publish button, schedule a post, or ask us to post stats from the account settings. We do encourage you however that you share your map, it is a great conversation starter that will give you a lot of mentions, especially if you have engaged followers.
  • Why aren't all my followers showing on the map?
    While our algorithm is very capable in deciphering location, some accounts don’t provide much data to work with; hence we are unable to determine the location of these accounts. Our tests have shown that between 10-30% of followers enter incomplete or invalid location data; our algorithm however takes this data into consideration, and provides results that statistically match your entire audience.
  • How can I schedule posts to target followers in different timezones?
    Simply create a schedule that’s optimized for best times to post and select the region you would like to target. Then use this new schedule when scheduling your posts.
  • How do I change my Fedica subscription?
    To change your account to a new paid subscription, simply select a new plan from the plans page and follow the steps
  • How long can I use Fedica's free plan?
    Our free plan is not limited by time, you can use it for as long as you want
  • Is there a minimum commitment to subscriptions?
    You can cancel your paid subscription at any time, there is no requirement to pay beyond the initial payment. Keep in mind that the subscriptions are renewed automatically if you don’t cancel your subscription before renewal
  • If I upgrade my subscription will I double pay?
    When switching from one paid subscription to another, you only pay the balance of credit remaining from prior subscription
  • Where do I find tips on how to get the most out of Fedica?
    The Fedica Youtube channel offers different tutorials on how to get the most out of our service, and if you have any questions on how to use the service feel free to contact us, or messages on X.