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Organize and automate with unique capabilities across 10 platforms

Engagement Analytics

Build your community at lightspeed when every post paves a path forward

Community Analysis & Building

Build a thriving community across social networks


Predict your impact, prove campaign results, and make smarter moves.


Unparalleled publishing provides exclusive capabilities that keeps you ahead, lets you stand out and break boundaries while saving time publishing, automating, targeting, with real results.


Intelligent Publisher +

Content Calendar

Publish confidently with advanced scheduling threads, polls, tagged media and more
Automatically reach the right audience with the right content when they are online
Trust advanced AI-driven capabilities that make your messaging break through the noise
Save time, automate posts, organize content, and build a unified community
Control your content strategy on auto-pilot or down to the second


Content Pipeline Streams

Test what your customers want targeting different audiences around the world
Keep your audiences engaged by mixing your topics and various content types
Save time automating and organizing, and catch attention with exclusive abilities
Get actionable insights organizing different types of posts to measure apart from the rest


Live Trending Topics

Hyper-target your messages and timing for max results with geo-targeted trending topics by city
Grow your reach and build get more interactions by engaging with top topics in your entire community
Take instant action knowing which city performs the best and worst and who these people are to inform your next move
Live twitter trends analysis

Advanced Analytics

All-inclusive AI-driven filterable analytics truly saves time and resources with advanced content segmentation, strategic location, topic and metric filtering, extensive demographic reporting, and more.


Engagement Dashboard

Inspire every move by knowing which customer personas around the world like what content and which topics certain people like most
Grow strategically by sorting engagements to know how people react to different ideas and which content generates what reaction
Build long-term leverage turning your content into a testing ground for new product and content ideas
Improve your content strategy faster by measuring the content in your posts with keyword filtering or demographic segmentation


Content Segmentation

Let your content drive specific results by generating engagement with the right people knowing what kinds of content gets which outcome with which follower group
Improve engagement, identify new product and content offerings, discover diverse interests, and resonate with people around the world
Get results faster from extensive metric reports by zooming into posts on certain topics, see what other top-performing related topics certain demographics likes best by measuring it apart from the rest
Plan successful campaigns out of those who engage with you by seeing who likes what topics and if they match your target demographics


Filterable Metrics

Generate more engagements with every post by comparing your content with different results and filter your engagements to discover what posts gets which result
Unveil the hidden gems of your audience's interests and turn them into compelling content with the power of filtering your best or worst posts by keywords, demographics and more
Streamline your strategy with interactive engagement analytics and robust demographic reporting while identifying top performing and related keywords. Save time with insights that inspire your next posts


Demographic Rich Data

Build long-term leverage turning your business into a brand customers identify with by knowing the people behind your engagements
Get the whole picture every time with demographics, which topics resonated with who around the world, and how different people react to which posts
See the keywords your followers engaged with most, so you get inspired with more content they like and what makes them take which action to generate better results over time

Community Analysis & Building

Build and bridge a unified community across social networks and dive deep into your followers using the best AI-powered social media management tools to uncover strategic content and brand building opportunities.


Follower Analysis

Learn everything about your audience for efficient targeted messaging that leaves an impact. Leverage demographics, top used keywords, trending topics by city, what top followers are saying and more
Grow your global community down to the city level with AI-powered social media management tools revealing where your followers grow, decline and what they like and talk about around the world
Create efficient messaging that sticks knowing who likes what content you post and top keywords that generated the most engagement by which people


Follower Segmentation

Maintain relationships and grow your business with unique content and product opportunities for different personas from demographic-rich follower segmentation
Maximize your ROI and leverage your audience by grouping your community into smaller personas to test product and content ideas with predictable outcomes
Create successful live events with ideal prospects by stacking filters: which active, industry pros, with a specific follower amount, are from your city, talking about certain topics, and more
Achieve results with hyper-targeted ads and influencer campaigns with communities matching your ideal customers’ demographics and interests


Real Influencers

Engage with top influencers who have the most connections with your followers to achieve a real impact with real people your followers already trust
Expand your reach to new niches successfully by quickly finding influencers outside your community who share your target follower demographics
Make every collaboration count knowing which influencer to engage with to attract new followers with your target personas by knowing their most successful topics and all of their audience data
Understand who are your most influential followers across all the social media management tools available with fedica


Followers Map

Visualize your impact globally by analyzing conversations and create hyper-targeted content from trending topics in different cities with the most followers
Plan successful live events and strategize better with specific regions while building real relationships by analyzing and engaging people from different areas globally
Measure your success in separate areas of the world and plan your global impact by analyzing where any conversation and your impact travels
Increase engagement and grow faster with AI that targets the right topics to the right people in the right context, measured apart from the rest


Search and Explore Accounts

Getting new followers is as easy as interacting with the right people who would love your content
Build your community fast by finding all the people who will engage with you in moments
Grow a targeted following with ideal prospects, find leads for your business, and collaborators for more reach
Find accounts by adding keywords they use, words in their profile, their follower size, activity, language, location and more

Social Listening

Advanced social listening saves time and resources while proving real results, harvesting leads, and predicting accurate outcomes before engaging with your or anyone’s community.


Hashtags & Keyword Analysis

Fast competitor analysis: Track and measure hashtags, keywords, & post reach for demographic-filled and interactive geo-targeted posts, personas and global results
Spend time efficiently on result-focused engagement by analyzing any conversation to engage in popular topics ensuring the right target personas are reached with the right content
Plan and prove your impact with the deepest insight possible knowing everything about the people and discussion behind any campaign or topic before or after you engage
Answer any question about any conversation like where its impact travelled, who engaged with who, what are their demographics, which topics performed best, etc


Post Alerts

Never lose touch with automatic public relations monitoring with alerts for brand mentions, keyword notifications, etc
Stay in-the-know with any keyword or account keeping you on top of any new event launch, campaign, feedback on products, or identifying potential leads looking for your solution
Stop wasting time searching for keywords or hashtags with automated guerilla marketing reports saving time with easy-to-read email briefs at the frequency you choose
Break strategic possibility by analyzing the data further knowing demographics and geography and track changes and progress over time from anything people mention


Post Reach

Amplify your results and penetrate new niches by analyzing any X (Twitter) account, community, or conversation around the world
Gain the deepest insight analyzing beyond campaigns or topics by grouping certain posts to measure their reach globally with demographics, top topics, key engagers and more
Improve your engagement faster by measuring the reach of any post, group of posts, replies, and reposts while drilling down to the city level or into the top influencers who engaged
Drastically improve successful campaigns by showing how discussions travel to who and what kinds of people engage with them, so you plan better campaigns with data-driven foresight


Analyze Any Account

Beat the competition and stay ahead of the curve by understanding any competitor's audience, their content, and their follower demographics
Make data-driven decisions for real results by identifying key insights about anyone you analyze before engaging with them with unmatched insight into their community
Make every message reach the right people by knowing if your target prospects match your audience’s demographics, languages, and time zones down to a city level
Expand your reach and connect with new target followers by analyzing top influencers in your audience and revealing common followers between your communities
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