Leverage X trending topics to build a thriving community fast.
Live twitter trends analysis

Live Trending Topics

You’ll know exactly what to talk about, where to target it, and who to interact with to achieve your growth goals with the richest insight from AI fueling your X trending topics.

Fully analyze your followers alongside how they feel with X trending topics by city, and everything you need to inspire your next post.

Grow beyond recycled content with exclusive data-driven insights that powerfully resonate with your community. Join the convos they care about and know what content to create with the right feelings and context in mind.

Here’s how our other tools alongside X trending topics will inspire you daily:

Review recent analytics from different regions of the world after targeting with X trending topics
Go further than trending topics to discover what your community’s popular influencers are saying live
Test what your customers want and build your community one segment at a time, targeting different personas around the world

Available to Fedica premium plans members for X (Twitter).