LinkedIn Post Scheduler & More.
Fedica is building analytics, publishing, listening, and analysis tools for LinkedIn.

Publishing for LinkedIn

Save time and distinguish yourself from the competition by scheduling and automating LinkedIn posts with unparalleled publishing capabilities. Build a community across multiple platforms and push the boundaries of social media management.


LinkedIn Posts Scheduler and Calendar

Plan, differentiate, and pioneer with streamlined management across various platforms using Pipelines
Effortlessly schedule posts, increase productivity, and create a cohesive community with a single content calendar
Manage your content strategy with precision, either on autopilot or with precise timing
Boost efficiency by uploading bulk posts, and videos directly to your drafts, pipeline, or calendar with different schedules


LinkedIn Content Pipeline Streams

Engage your audience with diverse content topics and types while saving time organizing across the social networks
Gain valuable insights by analyzing the performance of various post types and measuring their impact
Automate your content scheduling to keep your followers engaged and save valuable time


LinkedIn Intelligent Posts Scheduler

Cut through the clutter with powerful scheduling features, such as native posting of X (Twitter) threads and polls to LinkedIn and Mastodon simultaneously
View your entire content plan from a single hub by building a unified community across platforms via one publishing tool
Maximize control and develop sophisticated tactics with superior organization, multi-platform publishing, and precise timing
Don't miss out on extraordinary results from your LinkedIn post scheduler & more.
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