Your content calendar with advanced AI-driven capabilities that make messages seen.
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Content Calendar

Spend less time publishing, more time automating, targeting, and growing consistently with a smart content calendar that does all the heavy lifting.

Organize and categorize in your content calendar, optimize posts for networks and time zones, and take complete control of your strategy on auto-pilot or down to the second for 10 platforms.

Whether you create pipelines to stream different kinds of content, quotes or RSS feeds for different platforms, optimize for time zone, or get crafty hacking your growth with spreadable threads and live chats, you can rest assured that this calendar will never hold you back.

Strategize, stand out, and automate with unique capabilities across 10 platforms
Increase engagement targeting different personas and optimize by time zone
Trust advanced capabilities that make your brand break through the noise

AI-Driven Best Times to Post

Never guess again knowing every post can reach any time zone of people within your following. Fedica scans your audience when they are active and determines the best time for you to post automatically in your content calendar.

As you grow over time or people change their habits, you’ll be confident you’re getting the most engagement out of every post.

Best Time to Post

AI-Optimized Publishing

Leverage Open AI’s GPT-3.5 right in your publisher to help write better content for more engagement, or simplify your thoughts to impact more people, while correcting any misspelled grammar with a click.

Don't just optimize, change the tone easily from formal, casual or let AI choose your style based on what you wrote!

Leverage this alongside suggested hashtags or trending topics in your dashboard for even more reach and impact.

Filling your content calendar across platforms just became effortless.

Available to Fedica premium plans members.

Automated Pipelines

Pipelines are content streams with their own separate schedule.

Distribute your content in different streams to keep different personas engaged.

Mix up your topics to keep your followers engaged by categorizing different pipelines for each kind of post and choose how often they post.

Categorize your content calendar however you need:

Target time zones
Create content for different networks
Organize content types and topics in your calendar
Separate different types of posts to measure later
Automate some while leaving others separate schedules
Host unique campaigns like X chats and threads that post over any time period

Nothing stops you from being as creative as you need with your strategy.
Automated Pipeliines

Measured and Tracked

With content Pipeline streams, measure your analytics apart from the rest to grow your audience and improve your content with crystal clear insights.

Zoom into your content and see your next move easier than ever. Segment your content beyond pipelines by measuring topics with keyword and demographic filters, then sort all your engagements by metric and know who the people are behind them.

Be the first to break boundaries.

Stay ahead of what's possible with Fedica. From mapping followers, scheduling spreadable X threads, X polls, tagged media and advanced scheduling for Mastodon, we believe in cutting-edge innovation by inventing capabilities that put you ahead of the noise.

Join the trendsetters, do what others can’t and achieve the impossible.

Advanced Multi-Platform Scheduling

Schedule threads and media across X (Twitter), Mastodon, LinkedIn and Facebook
Schedule polls to X (Twitter), Mastodon, and LinkedIn
Schedule images, carousels and videos to Instagram
Schedule images and videos to Instagram & Pinterest

Schedule advanced threads

Our users were the first to schedule threads on X (Twitter).

Go further and create threads that post natively to X (Twitter), Mastodon, LinkedIn and Facebook.

Get 20x results with exclusive capabilities like spreadable X (Twitter) threads to boost your reach and engagements with posts that get added to the thread spread over minutes to days. Let your threads work for you.

schedule twitter threads

Schedule polls across platforms

You were the first to schedule polls for X (Twitter), and now schedule a poll that posts to Mastodon and LinkedIn too from one post.

Know what your community thinks regardless of where they engage with you.

Tagging in Media

Our users were also the first to schedule tagged images, GIFs and videos on X to boost engagement and strategize beyond what's possible.

Replies and Reposts

Schedule content from anywhere, like reposts, websites, and scheduling threads and polls within X replies with the browser plugin

Schedule threads and polls within X replies to stand out with advanced content strategies.

Automate Your Content Calendar

Automated RSS Feeds

Imagine the time you’ll save by connecting your YouTube channel, blog posts or favorite news source to a specific schedule in your calendar automatically.

Just connect any RSS feed to a pipeline, set its own schedule, post it to certain time zones or platforms and see how easy it is to keep consistent without effort.

Automated Quotes

Quotes are powerful ways to share your worldview with your community. Set up a pipeline and get all the quotes you need to express brand values right from Fedica.

In your Quote Pipeline, just pick your industry, select which quotes you like from our growing database of quotes, and schedule them with a click. It’s never been easier to stay consistent and measure segmented content in your calendar.

RSS Feed

Bulk Uploading

Save time uploading to you content calendar with specific Pipeline streams, right to your drafts or to your calendar at any interval you choose. Plan your content calendar ahead or save your most engaging topics for the future.

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