We’re motivated by data, clear analysis, and passion.

We have a burning passion for dissecting and serving data in unique ways that make sense and generate real business results. We’re motivated risk takers re-writing the rules of the game.

"Data-driven" is not a cliché for us. Our geographical-based AI-driven engagement, analytics, publishing, and listening platform is unique in its comprehensiveness and accuracy.

We were founded in 2013 in Toronto, Canada, as a simple X (Twitter) follower mapping tool called Tweepsmap.

As we strived to solve real problems for people in our circle, some social pioneers and innovators like you knew they needed something unique to get to know their audience to build real relationships – to grow a community.

So we did just that. After paving the way with the first follower analysis report, Tweepsmap began growing with our community, innovating what’s possible, re-writing the rules, and building tools for social shakers and doers who go the extra mile to achieve the impossible.

Now the rest is history. Over the years, we continued to push boundaries, building novel tools for our community needing unique solutions to problems where innovation was the only answer.

Building on that success in innovation, we continue toward our mission of expanding our capabilities with groundbreaking tools across platforms as we have been doing over the years.

We listen and build solutions you ask for to help you drive results with all the answers to any question. We’re building the complete solution to unite you with your global community across social media platforms.

The future is connected communities. The future is Fedica.

Our principles are straightforward:

Personal Ownership. We listen to our customers and take pride in what we do; we engage with purpose and leadership

Achieve Results. We work with determination and passion; we strive for excellence

Collaborate. We hire the best and value the individual, but recognize that winning is a team work

Innovate. We take risks to stay on top of technology; we continually advance the platform!

Straightforward. We provide simple, transparent pricing and terms; doing business with us is easy and straightforward