Facebook Analytics Tools & More.
Fedica is building analytics, publishing, listening, and analysis tools for Facebook.

Facebook Publishing

Build a community across platforms while standing out, saving time, and breaking barriers by automating in your Facebook post scheduler.


Facebook Posts Calendar

Utilize Pipelines to strategize, differentiate yourself, and innovate across many platforms
Save time, automate posts, and build a unified community in one posting calendar
Control your content strategy down to the second or on autopilot
Bulk uploading pictures, posts, and videos into your drafts, pipeline, or calendar with various schedules will help you save time


Facebook Content Pipeline Streams

Test your customers' preferences targeting different regions around the world
Organizing your mixed topics and different content formats will keep your followers interested
Save time automating and organizing content across platforms
Organise several post types with actionable information to separate yourself from the competition


Best Times to Post to Facebook

Never guess again, knowing every post can reach any time zone you specify. Fedica analyses your audience's activity levels to discover the most effective time for you to post
Rest assured that every post receives the maximum engagement as you build over time or as people's habits change


Intelligent Publisher for Facebook

With complex scheduling abilities like the ability to simultaneously post X (Twitter) threads to Facebook, Mastodon, and LinkedIn, you can stand out from the crowd
By creating a community across platforms from one publishing tool, you can see your whole content strategy in one spot
Take complete control and develop sophisticated content strategies with extraordinary skill, posting across many platforms with precise timing

Advanced Facebook Analytics Tools

Comprehensive AI-driven filterable analytics that features smart content segmentation, strategic location, subject, and metric filtering, detailed demographic reporting, and more to save time and resources.


Facebook Engagement Dashboard

By knowing the people behind your engagements, you can create long-term leverage and turn your company into a brand that customers can relate to
Grow strategically by categorizing interactions to understand how people respond to various viewpoints and what types of material spark what reactions
Increasing long-term leverage using your content as a prototype for new products and content ideas
Increase engagement by comparing your content with other results and filtering your engagements to find out which posts produced which result

Facebook Community Analysis & Building

Create a cohesive community across social networks and delve deeply into your following using AI to find ideas for strategic content and brand development.


Facebook Follower Analysis

Learn everything there is to know about your target audience to create effective, impactful messaging. Utilize demographic information, popular search terms, local trending issues, what the top followers are saying, and more
Develop your global community down to the local level by knowing where they're increasing, decreasing and what they enjoy and discuss across the globe
Create individualized brand affiliations by participating in conversations in the appropriate environment and learning what your followers are discussing and how they feel about various issues
Create effective messaging that sticks, knowing who engages with the material you post and the top keywords that did so


Facebook Followers Map

Create hyper-targeted content from popular trends in the cities with the highest followers to visualize your impact on a global scale
By analyzing individuals worldwide, you can organize effective live events, improve your strategy with particular regions, and establish genuine relationships
Succeed in various parts of the world by analyzing any conversation and predicting your impact before planning any campaign with geo-location in most analyses
Increase engagement and growth with AI that targets the relevant topics to the right people in the right places, measured separately from the others


Facebook Follower Demographics

Demographically diverse audience analytics provide deep information that improves ROI. Target more strategically, generate targeted content and engagement and identify your content's true audience
Leverage your or anyone's followers' age, gender, occupation, language, and location
Don't miss out on extraordinary results with smarter Facebook analytics tools.
Discover all the answers to questions you can’t find anywhere else.