Social media analytics for who, what, when, where, and how to move forward.
Engagement Dash

Social Media Engagement Dashboard

Build your community at lightspeed when every post clears a way toward impactful content that resonates. Filter your social media analytics and measure metrics separately for deep insight that fuels engagement by knowing:

Who are the people engaging with what content
What topics within your content people like or not
Where people’s engagement come from around the world
What kinds of personas prefer what kinds of content over others
How are people engaging and what content generates which engagement

With so much insight into your performance, from demographics, metrics you can’t get anywhere else and seeing top performing topics far into the past, all you have to do is imagine your ideal outcome and let the path to achievement reveal itself.

Break through the noise with content that your community loves, targeted to those who love it most.

Leverage your AI-driven social media analytics and get answers to questions you can’t find anywhere else:

Let your content compound your brand affiliation by targeting trending topics in certain cities or time zones, and measuring your segmented content apart from the rest
Drive business by unlocking and filtering any group of content by key metrics that help prove your ROI (Link-clicks, hashtag clicks, profile clicks, reposts, mentions, likes, & quotes)
See the people and their demographics: language, occupation, age, favorite topics, sentiment, behind your engagements and where they are on an interactive map
Dive into specific topics, campaigns, and content types by searching any time frame with keywords used, content pipeline stream, sentiment, demographic and more

Content Segmentation

Don’t just segment your audience to grow faster by targeting different audience groups, let your content drive your strategy by generating engagement with the right people knowing what kinds of content gets which result.

You’ll improve engagement, identify new product offerings, discover diverse interests, and resonate with people around the world to grow strategically by knowing what content different personas like the most.

Best Time to Post

Who’s behind your engagements?

Build long-term leverage turning your business into a brand customers identify with by knowing who the people behind your engagements are.

Get the whole picture every time with demographics, which topics resonated with who around the world, and how different people react to which posts.

See the keywords your followers engaged with most, so you get inspired with more content they like and what makes them take which action to generate better results over time.

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Filterable Metrics

Create content that gets better results exponentially when you compare your content with different metrics and filter your engagements to discover what works.

Add filters to what was your best-performing content like how people felt, certain keywords, locations, demographics and then sort those best posts by which metric you need like link-clicks, reposts and more.

Simple-to-use social media analytics save time and resources with advanced AI-driven topic and metric filtering, extensive demographic reporting and top keywords to inspire what to post next.

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Historical Social Media Analytics

Uncover the key to future success by delving into the past with Fedica's powerful measurement tools, revealing a complete view of any theme, content type, or topic’s performance over the history of your account.

Rebuild relationships or celebrate followers who support you by seeing what worked years ago and know who were those engaging with you far into the past.

Social Media Analytics are available to Fedica premium plans members for Mastodon, Facebook, Instagram, & X (Twitter), but Content Segmentation and Filterable Metrics are only available for Mastodon and X.

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