Leverage your audience, maximize return and unveil your community’s personas.

Follower Segmentation

How do large accounts get millions of followers? They stop seeing their community as one group of people.

Don’t wait to grow like never before while discovering new segmented content for subgroups, discover new product offerings and creating hyper targeted campaigns.

These are only the tip of the iceberg of what you can achieve when you group your followers by demographic and more.

See how its done in the video below!

Precisely segment your audience by stacking a range of filters on top of one another:

Demographics: Location, gender, occupation, age, language
Words in their profile
Follower count
Last active
Date they followed you
Date you followed them
Verified accounts
If they have a profile photo
Lists, and posts

Strategize however you need by letting Follower Segmentation’s powerful filters answer the deepest questions about your followers and take your growth to new heights:

Categorize your selected followers to a list and engage with them with high-impact hyper-targeted messaging
Export the data to excel, for high ROI and split-tested ad campaigns
Categorize your content using Pipelines to test content ideas and discover new product offering opportunities
Invite your followers to a live event with location targeting with only the most ideal prospects
Identify the perfect influencers in your community who would want to collaborate with you

Available to Fedica premium plans members for Mastodon & X (Twitter).

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Twitter Follower Segmentation