Create lists, get insights, and see its reach and impact on others.
List Analysis

Analyze X Lists

Achieve any growth goal faster with advanced tools for deep analysis into X (Twitter) lists like you do with individual accounts (partners, competitors, customers), your content, and any conversation or campaign.

Know who are the people you want to target, what content gets them engaging, and how to find them in moments. See how you can take advantage of all these tools together and grow faster by answering any question imaginable?

Search & Explore for ideal prospects or people outside your community and save the list to analyze, or dive in deep internally by segmenting your followers into groups saved as lists to analyze later too.

Be unstoppable when you know who the subgroups of ideal prospects are in your following fit for different offers and content. Simply analyze their demographics, location and more to create high-impact targeted messaging that resonates.

Analyze X Lists

Here’s everything in a X list you can analyze

The reach of accounts and their reach distribution
Lists grouped across countries to cities on an interactive map, including active time zone targeting
All demographics: Age, occupation, gender, language
Follower posts and activity
Complete interactive list of listees including relationship history and if they follow you

X (Twitter) List Influence

Go deeper than list analysis by analyzing the followers of the listed accounts to see how any group of people can influence others.

Analyze the influence of your X lists' followers
Reach distribution, impressions, and location of the list’s influence
Languages, time zone influence
Biggest accounts
Identify the list's top influencers and their reach

You now have a perfect picture of the reach and distribution of your X (Twitter) list(s) and its influence

Available to Fedica premium plans members for X (Twitter).

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