Amplify results while measuring beyond campaigns with deep insights.
Tweet Reach

Tweet Reach

Improve your engagement faster than any other by measuring the reach of any post, group of posts, replies, and reposts with ultimate precision.

Drill down to the city level and see exactly where your content is resonating with our interactive map.

Plus, get insights into:

The top 10 influencers who engaged with your content, so you can analyze them further, fine-tune your strategy for even better results
View engagement analysis by demographics
Get the reach of any post, group of, replies and reposts
Drill down interactively to a city level
See posts engagement sentiment

Tweet reach drastically improves successful campaigns by showing how discussions travel to who and what kinds of people engage with them, so you plan better campaigns with data-driven foresight.

Available to Fedica premium plans members for X (Twitter).

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