Pinterest Scheduler & More.
Fedica is building publishing tools for Pinterest.

Pinterest Publishing

Automate and schedule your Pinterest pins to save time and stand out. Build a community across various platforms with seamless publishing.


Pinterest Posts Calendar

Revamp your strategy, distinguish yourself, and streamline your social management across various platforms
Efficiently allocate your time, automate your posts, and foster a unified community with a single content calendar
Manage your content strategy with ease, either automatically or with meticulous timing
Save time by uploading numerous images and videos straight to your drafts, pipeline, or calendar with different scheduling options


Content Pipeline Streams for Pinterest

Engage your audience with a variety of content types and topics while streamlining content creation and management across various platforms
Effortlessly organize and automate your content to save valuable time and reduce workload while ensuring consistency across socials


Intelligent Pinterest Scheduler

Gain a comprehensive view of your content strategy by uniting your community across various platforms through a single publishing tool
Exercise full control over your strategy by improving its organization, facilitating multi-platform posting, and enabling precise posting according to your strategy
Don’t miss out on extraordinary results with your Pinterest scheduler & more.
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