Tweepsmap is now Fedica! Get the same great tools with a fresh look and new capabilities for more social networks in addition to X (Twitter)! OK

Post Scheduler

Elevate your social media publishing to a whole new level, with the most advanced scheduling tool. 1. Easy but also flexible Let AI do the work and schedule with just a few clicks, or even without a single click using automation! But you can also take full control of your posts with the PowerSchedule by determining the exact date and time if you want your posts published at specific times. Tweet Scheduler
2. Analytics driven: Take the guess work out of your scheduling. Fedica scans your audience to see when they are active then determines the best time to post. More importantly, it breaks down their activity based on geography, so you can setup different posts to target the different audiences. Best time to tweet 3. Automated: Publish without lifting a finger, save time with automation! Schedule posts automatically from your own blog, or favorite website with RSS Feed Posting support Simply define the source you want to publish from, the frequency of posts and region targeted by your posts and our algorithms will do the leg work to schedule the posts and publish them at optimal time. RSS Feed Posting 4. Distributed: Queue up your posts to be published throughout the day, simply define the number of posts you want per day and our system will automatically spread them over time for maximum exposure. Tweet planner 5. Categorized Create different pipelines for each category of posts, and define the number of posts per day for that pipeline. Don’t bore your followers by talking about the same thing all day, provide a mix of healthy topics and limit how many times you post about a given topic to keep your followers engaged. Tweet Pipeline
6. Anywhere Schedule posts from any website, simply use the Browser extension to schedule posts with few clicks, you can even schedule reposts and replies from within X itself. 7. Threads Yes, we are the first to support scheduling X (Twitter) threads! Scheduling X threads gives you more visibility in your follower’s timeline. Take advantage of our advanced thread options such as automatic thread numbering and the choice to posts your threads all at once or spread over time for maximum visibility. scheduling twitter threads 8. Replies and Reposts Schedule replies or reposts directly from the service, or on X itself using the browser extension. 9. X (Twitter) Polls We are also the first to support scheduling X (Twitter) polls! X polls helps you generate direct feedback and engagement from your audience, scheduling them lets you plan your polls ahead of time!
10. Tagging in media We are the first (notice a theme here?) to support photo tagging in scheduled posts! Photo tagging makes it easier to connect with other accounts on X (Twitter), and sparking conversations without affecting your character count! 11. Measured and tracked If you are a numbers geek, measure how well your posts are performing with our engagement dashboard, segmented by pipeline or demographics. And if you are tracking traffic to your website, you can add UTM tracking automatically to all links in your posts so you can measure your effort in your website analytics dashboard. tracking engagement 12. Bulk Schedule your posts in bulk and save time by uploading your posts in spreadsheets. Plan your calendar ahead or save your most engaging topics for upload in the future