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Find the right X influencers to reach new niches and make every collaboration count.
Real Influencers

Real Influencers

Not all X influencers have an impact on or expand your community. Either you want to use influencers to impact your followers by using the ones they trust and know in your community or expand your reach to new niches targeting new Twitter influencers who share the same demographics and interests as your followers.

Which people have the most influence on your followers?

Real Influencers puts the right people to collaborate with who are in your following at your fingertips. These are not only those who follow you, but share the most followers in common with your account or target audience.

Our algorithm then removes major brands to give you a list of X influencers that are more likely to work with you in promoting your brand.

You can then identify which of these influencers in the list would be the ideal partner based on your project requirements and predict outcomes by analyzing their account.

Which people should you engage with to expand your reach into niches with your target followers?

Check out your demographics and who are the people engaging with you the most, then use Search & Explore to find specific influencers with your target audience you haven’t engaged with before.

Available to Fedica premium plans members for X (Twitter).

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