Stay alert and save time identifying leads.
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Never lose touch with mentions of your name, brand, feedback on products, or your competitors' activities on X. Finding potential leads asking about some problem you solve can also be automated with Post Alerts!

Stop wasting time searching for or creating reoccurring hashtag and keyword reports with our advanced alert system that automates the monitoring process to check up on mentions and make guerilla marketing passive in record time with easy-to-read email briefs at the frequency you choose.

Simply set your alert criteria, and our tool will scan X (Twitter) and notify you hourly to daily with an interactive brief saving you hours every day.

Plus, you can analyze the data further on the alerts dashboard, including demographics and geography. And with historical reports, you can track changes and progress over time.

Don't miss a beat in the Xsphere and see how Fedica can automate and save you time daily.

Available to Fedica premium plans members for X (Twitter).

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