Knowing your community’s heroes says a lot about them.
Brand Affinity

Brand Affinity

Unlock the power of personalized social media marketing with Brand Affinity. Most people on X are affluent people who care about engaging with brands. Knowing which ones can tell you a lot about them, and as they say, “knowing who someone looks up to says a lot about them.”

Discover your audience's interests and create more engaging content that resonates by knowing which major brands they follow in many of Fedica's analysis reports.

The meaning of brand affinity is customers who have formed an emotional connection with the values of a company.

Identify sponsorship and advertising opportunities with the brands your audience loves when you know what brands your community likes as well to gauge the kind of people they are.

A great case for X (Twitter) is how many users are comfortable with following brands, for example. So brand affinity shows who are the brands that most of your followers are interested in, which helps you know more about the values they relate to by looking at the mix of brands they follow.

Available to Fedica premium plans members for X (Twitter).