Track follower growth to take informed actions where it counts.
Growth Decline

Growth & Decline

Growth isn’t all about the followers. Know how your content and campaigns affect your growth around the world by measuring where people are following and unfollowing down to the city level in any time span you choose.

Confirm your insights easily, track follower growth to guide your next moves and prove your content ROI by assessing your historical growth and decline with your deep AI-driven analytics dashboard to pinpoint your growth and engagements together.

Compare your current strategies with your objectives by diving into the past weekly, monthly, or for as long as you’ve been taking advantage of Fedica.

Track follower growth over the years down to the city level to ensure you’re attracting the right markets far into the future and track your history as an interactive color-coded map or chart.

Based on recent changes to your account, Fedica estimates your historical data in the period before you registered for our service.

See momentum interactively and prove campaign results by location the moment you sign up with us.

Available to Fedica premium plans members for Facebook, Instagram, & X (Twitter).