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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you require all the permissions listed during the authorization phase?

TL;DR No, we only require some of the permissions, but unfortunately X does not have a more granular permission model that allows us to only choose the permissions we need. Hence you see this big list of permissions with many that we don't use or need The long answer: A lot of the permissions listed on X(Twitter)'s authorization page are things we don't use, but some of them are integral to how our service functions. Our service brings your X experience to a whole new level, and if some permissions make no sense at first glance, you will understand why we need them once you start using our service, and how you have really been missing out on the best Twitter experience ever! Here is a detailed breakdown for each permission: 1. See Posts from your timeline, as well as lists and collections: We don't access posts from your home timeline, lists or collections. We do need to read posts by you so we can analyze the engagement you have on each post and give you feedback on how well you are doing on X (Twitter), otherwise we can't really tell you any stats about your posts! 2. See your X (Twitter) profile information and account settings: We need to know what your public profile name is and your profile description, but that info is public to everyone on X (Twitter) anyway! We also need to know your time zone, so we can display the times correctly for you! The rest of your settings, we don't use or store 3. See accounts you follow, mute, and block Simply, it's impossible to analyze your followers and the account you follow without knowing who they are! So yes, we do need this permission! We read the list of accounts you mute when if you use our service to identify bots following you, we sometimes use the list of accounts you block so we don't show them for you (You would probably be very annoyed if we showed the account you blocked in the engagement list) 4. Follow and unfollow accounts for you: This is an important part of our service. If you find someone from a specific location, demographic, or match the target audience you want to grow your audience with, you might want to follow them! Similarly, if you want to cleanup your timeline and remove some accounts you follow (e.g., inactive accounts that have not been on X for months or years), you can do that with our service. It's worth noting that this action is strictly audited in our service, and every follow or unfollow must be matched with a user clicking a follow or unfollow button. Nothing here is automated, ever! 5. Update your profile and account settings: Again, we never do any of this, we really don't need it 6. Post and delete Posts for you, and engage with Posts posted by others (Like, un-like, or reply to posts, reposts) for you. We need most of this because we have the most advanced scheduling solution on the planet. How else can you schedule threads, polls, posts or reposts (Yes, a lot of people think reposts, threads and polls can't be scheduled, well that's because they never used our service!) 7. Create, manage, Lists and collections for you: If you don't use X (Twitter) lists, you are missing out on the best of X. And if you don't use our service to manage your lists, you are missing out on the best part of X lists, so in this case, guilty as charged :) As for collections, we don't read nor manage them, that's not part of our service. 8. Mute, block, and report accounts for you: We never report accounts, we only block or mute if you click the block button while performing fake follower audits We hope this explanation make sense. Of course, we appreciate you being cautious with your account, so if you try our service and don't like it please disable your account with us, we will automatically revoke the permissions you have given us, not only this is a good practice in general, but you would also save us the costs to maintain your account, buy your data and process and all that would go to waste if you are not using our service. If you made it so far here, well done! we applaud you for caring about the security of your account, and we hope you would give our service a shot after this explanation, we promise to show you a whole new world of using social media that you have been missing out on!
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