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Tweeps Maps Created on Monday, June 21, 2021

@RodReyCuba Mis seguidores viven en Cuba(37%),España(24%),Estados Unidos(7%) y más!RodReyCuba
@GUNNER1337 My followers live in 82 countries: Spain(47%), Venezuela(34%)...!GUNNER1337 Get your free map!
@marginallaw My followers live in Japan (26%), USA(24%)... Get your free map:!marginallaw
@DeCopaConocemos Mis seguidores viven en Paraguay(91%),Argentina(3%),España(1%) y más!DeCopaConocemos
@semilla2024 Mis seguidores viven en Uruguay(93%),Estados Unidos(2%),Argentina(2%) y más!semilla2024
@amerallozy_454 حسب!amerallozy_454 حوالي74% من متابعيني يعيشون في السعوديه ومصر(6%),الكويت(3%)
@manuskilla Mis seguidores viven en México(78%),Estados Unidos(11%),Perú(11%) y más!manuskilla
@MFKM_WFWF My followers are in Japan(90%), USA(3%) Get your free map!MFKM_WFWF
@BishoujoNEWS My followers live in USA (23%), Germany(22%)... Get your map:!BishoujoNEWS
@heacyan My followers are in Indonesia(61%), USA(20%) Get your free map!heacyan
@bebomoto1 Mis seguidores viven en Uruguay(92%),Argentina(4%),Estados Unidos(2%) y más!bebomoto1
@bbibbihc My followers live in 11 countries: Indonesia(66%), USA(13%)...!bbibbihc Get your free map!
@Kyonko_chann My followers live in USA (35%), UK.(24%)... Get your map:!Kyonko_chann
@Rewill251 My followers live in USA (90%), Canada(4%)... Get your free map:!Rewill251
@DanielCarrT Mis seguidores viven en Perú(61%),México(11%),Estados Unidos(11%) y más!DanielCarrT
@wandreef My followers are in Canada(51%), USA(22%)... Get your map too:!wandreef
@Moscarhra Mis seguidores viven en Argentina(33%),México(33%),España(33%) y más!Moscarhra
@M4bnwo Selon!M4bnwo Mes abonnés vivent en: États-Unis(40%),Royaume-Uni(8%),France(5%)
@2ysur2ysub My followers live in USA (72%), UK.(9%)... Get your free map:!2ysur2ysub
@LIBROYREPUBLICA Mis seguidores viven en España(86%),Estados Unidos(2%),Cuba(2%) y más!LIBROYREPUBLICA
@seebass33 Mis seguidores viven en Colombia(88%),México(2%),Estados Unidos(2%) y más!seebass33
@pabloelias55 Mis seguidores viven en Argentina(83%),España(4%),México(4%) y más!pabloelias55
@Rolando_Manuel Mis seguidores viven en Venezuela(54%),Uruguay(23%),México(6%) y más!Rolando_Manuel
@STAMBUK21 Mis seguidores viven en México(84%),Estados Unidos(8%),Brasil(4%) y más!STAMBUK21
@MarkLil05744037 My followers live in UK. (87%), USA(9%)... Get your map:!MarkLil05744037
@Tiru_hemanth My followers live in 19 countries: India(39%), UK.(26%)...!Tiru_hemanth Get your free map!
@KL_Brown My followers live in USA (63%), UK.(16%)... Get your map:!KL_Brown
@rubio_cl_ Mis seguidores viven en Chile(68%),México(9%),Colombia(4%) y más!rubio_cl_
@SEKONSTA My followers are in Trinidad and Tobago(76%), USA(11%)... Get your map too:!SEKONSTA
@Florian_erb My followers live in UK. (78%), Singapore(11%)... Get your free map:!Florian_erb
@Kieranwhufc My followers live in 10 countries: UK.(81%), USA(9%)...!Kieranwhufc Get your free map!
@cyraxbane48 My followers are in USA(34%), Japan(17%) Get your free map!cyraxbane48
@imadridista101 My followers live in India (17%), Spain(13%)... Get your free map:!imadridista101
@TonyPitchford My followers are in UK.(71%), USA(18%)... Get your map too:!TonyPitchford
@awa_de_uwu_de Mis seguidores viven en México(67%),Bélgica(33%),Chapultepec(8%) y más!awa_de_uwu_de
@mettangen Mis seguidores viven en Estados Unidos(24%),México(17%),Chile(9%) y más!mettangen
@SamRamani2 My followers are in USA(19%), UK.(11%) Get your free map!SamRamani2
@pickmebknriego My followers live in Indonesia (74%), USA(9%)... Get your map:!pickmebknriego
@MrET_Centre My followers live in 58 countries: Indonesia(94%), USA(1%)...!MrET_Centre Get your free map!
@Salep44938975 My followers live in Turkey (91%), UK.(2%)... Get your map:!Salep44938975
@Ratillathehun My followers live in 73 countries: UK.(35%), USA(29%)...!Ratillathehun Get your free map!
@delreysalvatore Mis seguidores viven en Argentina(57%),México(13%),Estados Unidos(5%) y más!delreysalvatore
@Diegoentronint Mis seguidores viven en México(65%),Colombia(7%),Estados Unidos(7%) y más!Diegoentronint
@GabrielLeitt Meus seguidores são de Brasil(97%),EUA(1%),México(1%)!GabrielLeitt
@Richard41625987 Selon!Richard41625987 Mes abonnés vivent en: France(91%),États-Unis(6%),Belgique(2%)
@MiniatureLob My followers live in UK. (42%), USA(29%)... Get your map:!MiniatureLob
@TeamNagarjuna Our followers are in USA(32%), India(21%) Get your free map!TeamNagarjuna
@ernsthemingway Mis seguidores viven en Venezuela(56%),Estados Unidos(13%),España(5%) y más!ernsthemingway
@ffleita Mis seguidores viven en Uruguay(82%),Venezuela(6%),Argentina(2%) y más!ffleita
@imkawal1 My followers live in 35 countries: India(77%), Canada(6%)...!imkawal1 Get your free map!
@jan_bellak My followers live in USA (28%), Germany(23%)... Get your map:!jan_bellak
@flviocosta9 Meus seguidores são de Brasil(60%),EUA(19%),Tailândia(9%)!flviocosta9
@nathair My followers live in Netherlands (43%), USA(31%)... Get your free map:!nathair
@helloffCaio Meus seguidores são de Brasil(74%),EUA(8%),México(5%)!helloffCaio
@AymaneFahssi My followers are in USA(26%), UK.(16%)... Get your map too:!AymaneFahssi
@wjnterwin My followers live in 9 countries: Indonesia(72%), USA(12%)...!wjnterwin Get your free map!
@He_Qingshan My followers live in 12 countries: China(46%), USA(16%)...!He_Qingshan Get your free map!
@Haeso_Gives My followers are in USA(30%), Indonesia(15%)... Get your map too:!Haeso_Gives
@honeybear5668 My followers live in USA (89%), Australia(2%)... Get your free map:!honeybear5668
@tuchgrealish My followers live in 4 countries: UK.(40%), India(20%)...!tuchgrealish Get your free map!
@wishingjoy Whooooo My followers live in 6 countries: Indonesia(87%), UK.(6%)...!wishingjoy Get your free map!
@NUcontest888 My followers live in Indonesia (67%), Philippines(7%)... Get your map:!NUcontest888
@A41IW3112 Mis seguidores viven en Uruguay(54%),Rusia(11%),España(6%) y más!A41IW3112
@FireHost77 My followers live in Indonesia (87%), Philippines(3%)... Get your map:!FireHost77
@GOATretzkaUT Mis seguidores viven en Argentina(33%),España(33%),UK.(11%) y más!GOATretzkaUT
@eli_sunset My followers are in USA(50%), Russia(50%)... Get your map too:!eli_sunset
@4percent_ My followers live in 20 countries: Indonesia(57%), South Korea(18%)...!4percent_ Get your free map!
@siurielinho My followers are in Mexico(64%), USA(8%)... Get your map too:!siurielinho
@PANTON009 제 팔로워들의 국적이래요~! My followers are in South Korea(23%), Japan(14%) Get your free map!PANTON009
@oiisla Meus seguidores são de Brasil(88%),EUA(4%),Turquia(1%)!oiisla
@cachocastanho Meus seguidores são de Brasil(97%),Etiópia(1%),Espanha(1%)!cachocastanho
@bliny_ Mis seguidores viven en UK.(33%),Argentina(33%),Estados Unidos(33%) y más!bliny_
@natto1589 My followers are in Mexico(24%), USA(10%)... Get your map too:!natto1589
@Gabriel54937788 Meus seguidores são de Brasil(78%),Rússia(8%),Porto Rico(8%)!Gabriel54937788
@Igor03201 Meus seguidores são de Brasil(89%),EUA(3%),Turquia(1%)!Igor03201
@A_cold_guy My followers live in Mexico (15%), USA(14%)... Get your free map:!A_cold_guy
@OoohToBeAGunner My followers are in India(49%), UK.(24%) Get your free map!OoohToBeAGunner
@Arsenik_Lahk My followers live in India (75%), UK.(7%)... Get your free map:!Arsenik_Lahk
@rampinon Mis seguidores viven en México(34%),Chile(13%),Colombia(7%) y más!rampinon
@nekocommie My followers live in Vietnam(100%) & more!nekocommie ... wow (✯ᴗ✯) don't know if this is true but cool( ╹▽╹ )!!
@Dineshk4302 My followers are in India(86%), Sri Lanka(6%) Get your free map!Dineshk4302
@futboIistaa My followers live in UK. (20%), Mauritius(10%)... Get your map:!futboIistaa
@ryujinationism My followers live in South Korea (32%), Philippines(15%)... Get your free map:!ryujinationism
@GodandtheBear My followers live in USA (77%), UK.(6%)... Get your map:!GodandtheBear
@wazwald yeah!wazwald
@SpamInc2 My followers are in India(57%), UK.(16%)... Get your map too:!SpamInc2
@UN_Mappers My followers live in 88 countries: USA(16%), Kenya(7%)...!UN_Mappers Get your free map!
@roming1985 My followers are in Mexico(19%), Taiwan(15%)... Get your map too:!roming1985
@bZFKIsdMeWMxCln My followers are in India(77%), Singapore(6%) Get your free map!bZFKIsdMeWMxCln
@satturkaran My followers live in India (86%), UAE(2%)... Get your map:!satturkaran
@drkvm My followers live in India (89%), Sri Lanka(2%)... Get your free map:!drkvm
@JeanLynen My followers live in 44 countries: France(34%), USA(15%)...!JeanLynen Get your free map!
@omarcor63 Mis seguidores viven en Bolivia(76%),Estados Unidos(13%),España(2%) y más!omarcor63
@kandil_nasser My followers live in Lebanon (100%), Beirut(67%)... Get your free map:!kandil_nasser
@LegendaryJayyyy My followers live in USA (86%), Indonesia(3%)... Get your map:!LegendaryJayyyy
@CypressSugar Meus seguidores são de Brasil(92%),Etiópia(3%),EUA(2%)!CypressSugar
@raycassino Mis seguidores viven en Argentina(79%),España(9%),Estados Unidos(4%) y más!raycassino
@just_exyeyo Mis seguidores viven en Chile(91%),Estados Unidos(3%),Argentina(2%) y más!just_exyeyo
@kimoo614 My followers live in 6 countries: Philippines(78%), South Korea(13%)...!kimoo614 Get your free map!
@AtallaAssem My followers live in 16 countries: Egypt(57%), USA(17%)...!AtallaAssem Get your free map!
@akimame116 My followers are in Japan(100%), Kanagawa(1%) Get your free map!akimame116
@Mustafa_Y_Ali My followers are in Kenya(74%), USA(6%) Get your free map!Mustafa_Y_Ali
@KNEUK_K My followers live in South Korea(75%) & more!KNEUK_K Create your map free
@CFCFAME My followers live in UK. (40%), Nigeria(9%)... Get your free map:!CFCFAME
@Ndala_Marcel_L Selon!Ndala_Marcel_L Mes abonnés vivent en: République démocratique du Congo(35%),France(10%),Côte-d'Ivoire(7%)
@Luccaslds1 Meus seguidores são de Brasil(96%),EUA(1%),México(1%)!Luccaslds1
@Kaniska_ My followers are in India(60%), UK.(20%)... Get your map too:!Kaniska_
@Plummmmmmmmm1 My followers are in Vietnam(19%), China(16%)... Get your map too:!Plummmmmmmmm1
@RandomGuy158 My followers are in UK.(35%), USA(16%) Get your free map!RandomGuy158
@Qiansu9 My followers live in 37 countries: Mexico(19%), Vietnam(13%)...!Qiansu9 Get your free map!
@FICOcloud My followers are in USA(41%), UK.(14%)... Get your map too:!FICOcloud
@UTDLakshya My followers are in UK.(33%), India(29%) Get your free map!UTDLakshya
@IuSovAme My followers live in Vietnam (34%), Mexico(16%)... Get your map:!IuSovAme Biết ngay toàn mấy bạn VN mà hê hê=))
@caratcolegives My followers live in Philippines (37%), Indonesia(26%)... Get your free map:!caratcolegives
@assane_jallow My followers are in Senegal(57%), France(10%) Get your free map!assane_jallow
@UTD_Cameron My followers are in UK.(57%), Ireland(10%)... Get your map too:!UTD_Cameron
@CompsZm My followers are in USA(50%), Nigeria(50%) Get your free map!CompsZm
@emon_444 My followers are in UK.(23%), India(22%)... Get your map too:!emon_444
@messimerize10 My followers live in India (22%), Spain(12%)... Get your free map:!messimerize10
@Krish_M10 My followers live in 43 countries: India(22%), Nigeria(13%)...!Krish_M10 Get your free map!
@1underscore___1 My followers live in UK. (30%), India(17%)... Get your free map:!1underscore___1
@yamato9966 My followers live in 5 countries: USA(64%), Japan(12%)...!yamato9966 Get your free map!
@Sarahgirlchen My followers live in Germany (45%), Austria(23%)... Get your free map:!Sarahgirlchen
@JagoNardelli My followers are in UK.(53%), USA(28%)... Get your map too:!JagoNardelli
@UtdOsee My followers are in UK.(46%), USA(10%) Get your free map!UtdOsee
@UTDTravis My followers are in UK.(42%), Nigeria(9%) Get your free map!UTDTravis
@Bald_Party My followers live in Kuwait (48%), USA(14%)... Get your free map:!Bald_Party
@embbangada My followers live in 10 countries: Philippines(33%), USA(30%)...!embbangada Get your free map!
@_kCarly_ My followers live in 42 countries: USA(64%), UK.(8%)...!_kCarly_ Get your free map!
@utdKemal My followers are in UK.(62%), USA(9%)... Get your map too:!utdKemal
@pest_controling حسب!pest_controling حوالي77% من متابعينا يعيشون في السعوديه ومصر(10%),الولايات المتحده(3%)
@YourVueJS My followers live in 28 countries: India(55%), USA(15%)...!YourVueJS Get your free map!
@brunos_bro My followers live in UK. (36%), India(13%)... Get your map:!brunos_bro
@Prathkum My followers are in India(25%), USA(13%) Get your free map!Prathkum
@rgbrga Mis seguidores viven en España(86%),Chile(3%),México(2%) y más!rgbrga
@ANHachiman My followers are in USA(37%), India(37%) Get your free map!ANHachiman
@GeorgePloudber My followers are in Russia(21%), USA(21%)... Get your map too:!GeorgePloudber
@afc_king_candy My followers are in UK.(49%), India(18%) Get your free map!afc_king_candy
@exdeath_chan My followers are in USA(29%), Japan(10%)... Get your map too:!exdeath_chan
@Mcterminator39 My followers live in India (49%), USA(14%)... Get your map:!Mcterminator39
@itsnever_lupus_ My followers live in India (41%), UK.(26%)... Get your map:!itsnever_lupus_
@SkiDesh_ My followers are in India(31%), UK.(13%)... Get your map too:!SkiDesh_
@UTDSiddhesh My followers live in India (65%), UK.(16%)... Get your map:!UTDSiddhesh
@Anon_Wh0 My followers are in UK.(75%), USA(8%)... Get your map too:!Anon_Wh0
@ganguly_raunak My followers live in India (76%), Spain(12%)... Get your free map:!ganguly_raunak
@PuneetPG10 My followers are in UK.(36%), India(34%) Get your free map!PuneetPG10
@Bts_bighitler My followers are in UK.(43%), USA(17%)... Get your map too:!Bts_bighitler
@SwadesiUTD My followers live in UK. (34%), India(23%)... Get your free map:!SwadesiUTD
@DAP__17 My followers live in South Korea (64%), USA(9%)... Get your free map:!DAP__17
@rasenbum My followers live in India (53%), UK.(26%)... Get your free map:!rasenbum
@YOGESHWARANVT1 My followers are in India(96%), USA(1%)... Get your map too:!YOGESHWARANVT1
@SwayamCuler My followers live in 39 countries: India(29%), USA(14%)...!SwayamCuler Get your free map!
@EABBerlin My followers live in Germany (76%), Poland(3%)... Get your map:!EABBerlin
@global_IPaction My followers are in USA(28%), UK.(16%)... Get your map too:!global_IPaction
@mesut11ii My followers live in UK. (34%), India(32%)... Get your map:!mesut11ii
@TheRedDevil_20 Man's international now fam 😎 My followers are in UK.(41%), India(17%)... Get your map too:!TheRedDevil_20
@Harrishspeaks My followers live in UK. (32%), India(32%)... Get your map:!Harrishspeaks
@Goatatunde My followers live in India (69%), UK.(10%)... Get your free map:!Goatatunde
@harold_manuel06 Mis seguidores viven en España(66%),República Dominicana(11%),México(4%) y más!harold_manuel06
@Elmago24700941 My followers live in 26 countries: UK.(33%), India(12%)...!Elmago24700941 Get your free map!
@ChoppaGoBrr My followers are in Nepal(36%), UK.(26%)... Get your map too:!ChoppaGoBrr
@SarmaSwarnil My followers are in India(24%), Pakistan(16%)... Get your map too:!SarmaSwarnil
@HaveTrustInMarc My followers live in India (27%), UK.(19%)... Get your map:!HaveTrustInMarc
@azuIgranista My followers are in India(28%), UK.(12%) Get your free map!azuIgranista
@sanxutd My followers live in 26 countries: India(50%), UK.(18%)...!sanxutd Get your free map!
@anonymous60303 My followers are in Spain(24%), UK.(11%) Get your free map!anonymous60303
@R0BL301 Mis seguidores viven en España(77%),Chile(7%),Argentina(7%) y más!R0BL301
@dhruvsen_ My followers live in Spain (22%), India(17%)... Get your map:!dhruvsen_
@_davidmartiin Mis seguidores viven en España(88%),Estados Unidos(4%),Argentina(4%) y más!_davidmartiin
@Kirthan_gooner2 My followers live in UK. (53%), USA(11%)... Get your map:!Kirthan_gooner2
@GravesenRM Mis seguidores viven en España(50%),México(6%),Venezuela(6%) y más!GravesenRM
@CFC_Shresh My followers are in UK.(30%), India(24%) Get your free map!CFC_Shresh
@MAB2929 My followers live in 43 countries: UK.(36%), India(18%)...!MAB2929 Get your free map!
@SiddharthBlanco My followers live in India (41%), UK.(13%)... Get your map:!SiddharthBlanco
@flipped_fulcrum My followers live in 9 countries: India(74%), USA(7%)...!flipped_fulcrum Get your free map!
@realpraveen71 My followers live in India (76%), UK.(5%)... Get your map:!realpraveen71
@2legit4shappy My followers are in Egypt(68%), USA(12%) Get your free map!2legit4shappy
@InvertedLegSlip My followers live in India (33%), UK.(31%)... Get your map:!InvertedLegSlip
@natuu_kakaa My followers live in 12 countries: India(76%), USA(6%)...!natuu_kakaa Get your free map!
@Avash999 My followers live in UK. (36%), Nepal(31%)... Get your free map:!Avash999
@FCbest2 My followers are in India(21%), UK.(14%) Get your free map!FCbest2
@RashfoodSingh My followers live in 26 countries: India(56%), UK.(14%)...!RashfoodSingh Get your free map!
@RishabhPantFan4 My followers live in India (79%), Pakistan(9%)... Get your map:!RishabhPantFan4
@goonersahaj My followers live in India (41%), Nepal(15%)... Get your free map:!goonersahaj
@HonestPendu My followers live in UK. (19%), Spain(12%)... Get your map:!HonestPendu
@Juve_Suri No way I have 32% followers in UK My followers live in 26 countries: UK.(32%), India(23%)...!Juve_Suri Get your free map!
@SnezzyF Mis seguidores viven en UK.(27%),España(15%),Nigeria(12%) y más!SnezzyF
@MohitKattaC1733 My followers live in India (85%), USA(3%)... Get your map:!MohitKattaC1733
@ArsenalWFCIndia My followers live in India (58%), UK.(14%)... Get your map:!ArsenalWFCIndia
@smolrowe My followers live in India (56%), UK.(13%)... Get your map:!smolrowe
@AryanDongaonkar My followers are in India(29%), UK.(26%)... Get your map too:!AryanDongaonkar
@KIoppage My followers live in UK. (43%), India(15%)... Get your map:!KIoppage
@Fay3zFz My followers live in 15 countries: India(35%), UK.(21%)...!Fay3zFz Get your free map!
@Punjabi_Mou My followers live in India (41%), Nigeria(10%)... Get your map:!Punjabi_Mou
@prxj_ My followers are in UK.(62%), USA(8%)... Get your map too:!prxj_
@MessiStan02 My followers live in India (25%), UK.(19%)... Get your map:!MessiStan02
@NalinFCB My followers are in India(20%), Spain(17%) Get your free map!NalinFCB
@notabotV2 My followers live in India (46%), Nepal(21%)... Get your map:!notabotV2
@BecToTheFuturee My followers are in UK.(90%), USA(6%)... Get your map too:!BecToTheFuturee
@DZNet I have 26 new followers from Iraq 🇮🇶, Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦 and more last week. See!DZNet
@MufcPote My followers are in UK.(25%), Portugal(13%) Get your free map!MufcPote
@_Freckles_7 Selon!_Freckles_7 Mes abonnés vivent en: Liban(61%),Egypte(7%),États-Unis(6%)
@Chrischzz My followers live in Netherlands (89%), USA(4%)... Get your free map:!Chrischzz
@Luzonfire2 My followers are in USA(60%), Canada(13%) Get your free map!Luzonfire2
@KizzaUTD My followers live in UK. (57%), USA(8%)... Get your free map:!KizzaUTD
@Shahab_____ My followers live in Nigeria (34%), UK.(20%)... Get your map:!Shahab_____
@3maen3li My followers live in 4 countries: Malaysia(58%), USA(29%)...!3maen3li Get your free map!
@cfg50 My followers are in Lebanon(55%), UK.(25%) Get your free map!cfg50
@TranquiIIIo My followers live in UK. (34%), Nigeria(11%)... Get your map:!TranquiIIIo
@NSFWLemonfizz My followers live in Mexico (17%), USA(16%)... Get your free map:!NSFWLemonfizz
@LukeWilliams22 My followers live in UK. (91%), USA(3%)... Get your map:!LukeWilliams22
@LaionFurry Mis seguidores viven en Argentina(57%),Chile(14%),México(14%) y más!LaionFurry
@Saudi_solution حسب!Saudi_solution حوالي100% من متابعيني يعيشون في السعوديه وRiyadh(19%),Riyadh(19%)
@iamjolorenz My followers live in USA (87%), Canada(3%)... Get your free map:!iamjolorenz
@doIcenera My followers are in Italy(56%), France(33%) Get your free map!doIcenera
@aargelich Mis seguidores viven en Estados Unidos(27%),España(21%),UK.(11%) y más!aargelich
@SHOHANA_ONE My followers are in USA(18%), Indonesia(13%)... Get your map too:!SHOHANA_ONE
@TylersCavern My followers live in Germany (27%), Italy(18%)... Get your free map:!TylersCavern
@Sauerk_raut_ My followers live in 18 countries: Germany(36%), USA(15%)...!Sauerk_raut_ Get your free map!
@UtdUpdatess My followers live in 25 countries: UK.(53%), USA(7%)...!UtdUpdatess Get your free map!
@NutboxDefi My followers are in USA(53%), Indonesia(9%)... Get your map too:!NutboxDefi
@K14N16 My followers live in 81 countries: UK.(50%), Nigeria(9%)...!K14N16 Get your free map!
@mikkleeee My followers live in USA (44%), UK.(18%)... Get your map:!mikkleeee
@SquirrelTuchel My followers are in UK.(54%), USA(11%) Get your free map!SquirrelTuchel
@Ingar7862 My followers live in UK. (48%), USA(8%)... Get your free map:!Ingar7862
@Epic_doggo9 My followers are in USA(53%), UK.(11%) Get your free map!Epic_doggo9
@JamaKaAnimal My followers live in South Africa (92%), USA(2%)... Get your free map:!JamaKaAnimal
@Tommy6ii My followers live in 59 countries: UK.(53%), Nigeria(6%)...!Tommy6ii Get your free map!
@TheProspectpark My followers are in USA(79%), Canada(15%) Get your free map!TheProspectpark
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