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Below is a quick guide to showcase your new dashboard and maps it in relation to the old Followerwonk dashboard.
If you are familiar with the new dashboard
If not, bear with us while we explain few things.
You’re about to leverage your new exclusive AI-powered insights, deep demographics, Twitter analytics, and campaign or topic analyses! Build faster without changing your workflow using all the tools you’re used to with extra capabilities at your fingertips.

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Community Analysis & Building

Search Twitter Bios

Find accounts and leads with specific interests, locations and profile

Compare Accounts

Find common followers between any Twitter account combination

Analyze Followers

Analyze any accounts, learn about follower demographics

Track Followers

Track your followers growth & decline

Sort Followers

Filter followers by bio, follower count, demographics+

Bonus Tools

NEW! Publishing

Schedule Threads, polls, media with AI at optimal times

NEW! Engagement Analytics

Learn who engages with you and which of your posts they like the most

NEW! Listen & Explore

Learn who engages with you and which of your posts they like the most

Search Twitter Bios

Search for your ideal candidate on Twitter, like a social media marketing exec, based in San Francisco.

In your new dashboard, searching Twitter bios simple.

Step 1: On the left navigation panel, click on “Community Building,” then “Search & Explore.”

To see how this is done, watch this video for every step:

Step 2: Click “Edit Search Criteria” then you can do the following:

Add bio keywords in their profile
See their location
Include accounts you already follow
NEW! Who follow certain people
NEW! What languages they speak
NEW! Who are followed by certain people
NEW! If they tweet certain hashtags and keywords
NEW! Hide accounts you unfollowed or rejected from previous results

If you want to take it up a notch, here’s the advanced features:

Find users by follower count
Amount of people they are following
Last time they were active
NEW! If they have a profile photo
NEW! If they are verified
NEW! Exclude any accounts with specific words in their bio

Step 3: Save and search your criteria, and see all the matches. Then,

Export them for ad campaigns
Message them
Put them in lists
Follow them
See your relationship history
Segment your followers to find subgroups in your following using the list that you saved from this tool, Search & Explore.

Compare Users

Comparing users and seeing common follower overlap is another capability you have your new AI tools.

Easily compare followers with multiple accounts looking at pairs of overlapping followers with our Find Common Followers tool, then see who they are, analyze them or analyze each person’s following separately.

You will also see Common Followers as a part of the Analyze Any Account tool which is used typically to gain a deep analysis on someone’s following. Now with one report, know all of this in moments:

Their top influencers
Find common followers between any account combination
NEW! Brand affinity</div>
NEW! Influence distribution
NEW! Engagement reach, and tweet data
NEW! Interactive map and exportable chart to a city level
NEW! Followers' demographics, languages and time zones 

Let’s see how to analyze common followers:

Step 1: Click “Analyze Anyone” in the left navigation menu, then “Find Common Followers.”

Step 2: Create a report and give it a name, and add all the accounts you want to compare, then click “Create Report.”

This way, you can click through the overlap of each pair of accounts to analyze their followers, or see who you should target by saving the users not connected with you to analyze later, for example. Save them to a list then analyze the list to reveal the following:

Analyze Twitter lists

The listees reach and reach distribution
Lists grouped across countries to cities on an interactive map, including active time zone targeting
All demographics: Age, occupation, gender, language
Follower tweets and activity
Complete interactive list of listees including relationship history and if they follow you
Reach distribution, impressions, and location of the list’s influence
A lot more!

Step 3: Save and search your criteria, and see all the matches. Then,

Export them for ad campaigns
Message them
Put them in lists
Follow them
See your relationship history
Segment your followers to find subgroups in your following using the list that you saved from this tool, Search & Explore.

Analyze followers

How to analyze followers and users someone follows with your new tools

What you’re used to & new Account Analysis results:

Mapped Locations (Fedica’s Interactive Map)
Percent of Retweets and @Mentions (Fedica’s Engagements Pie Chart)
Active Hours (Fedica’s Activity Timeline)
Follower Active Time Zones (Fedica’s Best Times to Tweet)
NEW! Fedica Follower Gender & Occupation

AI-Driven Best Times to Post

Never guess again knowing every post can reach any time zone of people within your following. Your new tools scans your audience when they are active and automatically know the best time for you to post.

1. Analyzing someone’s followers with your new tools

Step 1: Select “Analyze Anyone” in the left navigation menu, then click “Analyze an Account.”

Step 2: Create a report then put the person’s @handle to calculate your deep-analysis report.

Step 3: See the report where you can identify key insights about your competition, make informed decisions and drive predictable results by understanding their community like no other:

Influence distribution
Their top influential followers
Engagement reach, and tweet data
Interactive map and exportable chart to a city level
Followers' demographics, languages and time zones
Find common followers between any account combination

With this amount of insight into anyone’s audience, easily make every message reach the right people by knowing if your target prospects match your audience’s demographics, languages, and time zones down to a city level.

2. Analyzing accounts someone follows with your new tool

Get more precise while looking for accounts someone follows by adding more criteria using Search & Explore.

Step 1: Click on “Community Building” in the left navigation panel and then “Search & Explore.”

Step 2: Click “Edit Search Criteria” then enter the user’s @handle under “Accounts followed by one of these Twitter accounts”

Step 3: See the complete list of users, choose to add any other criteria to your search, like keywords in bio, follower amounts, etc, then for a complete analysis, save them as a Fedica List and analyze them with Analyze Twitter List tool.

Track followers

Get more control while tracking followers and unfollows independently.

Tracking Followers is straightforward.

Step 1: Click your new “Community Analysis” section in the left navigation panel and then “Unfollows” to see the growth and decline line chart comparing follows and unfollows.

Step 2: Sort by any time frame needed, specifying dates and see the list of users who unfollowed you, and when they followed/unfollowed you by selecting “Show History.”

To see a list of your followers:

Step 1: In the left navigation panel, click “Recents” to see the list.

Step 2: Choose to hide accounts you follow to follow back any account easily, and even see your account follow history.

To see your follows and unfollows on a live interactive map:

Step 1: Under “Community analysis” in the left navigation panel, click on “Growth/Decline.”

Step 2: As a map or a list, select if you want to view your growth and decline by country or down to the city level.

Step 3: To analyze further, just select a time frame from the right-side menu, and correlate what kind of content caused what growth or decline in which region, and use our other tools like “Unfollows” to see if it was people unfollowing or who have been suspended, for example.

Sort Followers

In your new dashboard, sorting people you follow is done in Follower Segmentation, where you apply filters to your followers to identify subgroups.

To filter followers, segment them with precise filters:

Step 1: Click “Community Analysis” in the left navigation panel and then “Follower Segmentation” to see all of your followers to into subgroups for further analysis.

Step 2: Precisely segment your audience by stacking a range of filters on top of one another:

Follower count
NEW! Demographics: Location, gender, occupation, age, language
NEW! Words in their profile
NEW! Last active
NEW! Date followed you
NEW! Date you followed them
NEW! Verified accounts
NEW! If they have a profile photo
NEW! Lists, and tweets

Check out this video for an in-depth step-by-step.

Here are your new tools that will take your social game to the next level.

NEW! Publishing

Your new publishing tools let you know exactly what to talk about, where to target it and who to interact with to achieve your growth goals with the richest insights from AI.

Live twitter trends analysis

Fully analyze your followers knowing how they feel, trending topics by city, and everything you need to inspire your next post.

Organize content and take complete control of your strategy on auto-pilot or down to the second for 7 platforms: to Mastodon, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Bluesky & Pinterest.

Here’s how you’ll be inspired daily to keep building your community:

Review recent performance from different regions of the world
Your audience’s current popular interests, keywords and hashtags
Discover what your community’s popular influencers are saying live
Test what your customers want and build your community one segment at a time, targeting different personas around the world

New Advanced Multi-Platform Scheduling

Schedule threads and media across Twitter, Mastodon, LinkedIn and Facebook
Schedule polls to Twitter, Mastodon, and LinkedIn
Schedule images, carousels and videos to Instagram
Schedule images and videos to Instagram & Pinterest

Automated Pipelines

Pipelines are content streams with their own separate schedule.

Distribute your content in different streams to keep different personas engaged.

Automate them completely with RSS feeds.

Categorize your content however you need:

Create content for different networks
Organize content types and topics
Separate different types of posts to measure later
Automate some while leaving others separate schedules
Host unique campaigns like Twitter chats and threads that post over any time period

Schedule from anywhere

Schedule content from anywhere, like retweets within Twitter, or share content you see on websites with the browser plugin.

Schedule threads and polls within Twitter replies to stand out with advanced content strategies.

Tagging in Media

Our users were also the first to schedule tagged images, GIFs and videos on Twitter to boost engagement and strategize beyond what's possible.

Replies and Retweets

Schedule content from anywhere, like retweets, websites, and scheduling threads and polls within Twitter replies with the browser plugin.

Bulk Uploading

Save time uploading your content into specific Pipeline streams, right to your drafts or to your calendar on any interval you choose. Plan your calendar ahead or save your most engaging topics for the future.

New! Engagement Dashboard

Build your community at lightspeed when every post clears a way toward impactful content that resonates. Filter your engagements and measure them separately for deep insight that fuels engagement by knowing:

Who are the people engaging with what content
What topics within your content people like or not
Where people’s engagement come from around the world
What kinds of personas prefer what kinds of content over others
How are people engaging and what content generates which engagement

Leverage insights and get answers to questions you can’t find anywhere else:

Let your content compound your brand affiliation by targeting trending topics in certain cities or time zones, and measuring your segmented content apart from the rest
Drive business by unlocking and filtering any group of content by key metrics that help prove your ROI (Link-Clicks, Hashtag clicks, Profile clicks, Retweets, Mentions, Likes, & Quotes)
See the people and their demographics: language, occupation, age, favorite topics, sentiment, behind your engagements and where they are on an interactive map
Dive into specific topics, campaigns, and content types by searching any time frame with keywords used, content pipeline stream, sentiment, demographic and more

Content Segmentation

Let your content drive your strategy by generating engagement with the right people knowing what kinds of content gets which result.

Filterable Metrics

Add filters to what was your best performing content like how people felt, certain keywords, locations, demographics and then sort those best posts by which metric you need like link-clicks, retweets and more.

NEW! Listen & Explore

Predict your impact, prove campaign results, and make smarter moves with Hashtag and Keywords Analyses, campaign tracking and more.

Want to prove and showcase the impact of your or any competitor’s campaigns? Maybe you want to track Tweet alerts or analyze any tweets reach?

Gain the deepest insight possible and let the data drive your efforts by knowing everything about the people and discussion behind any campaign or topic before or after you engage.

Maximize your efforts and create high impact connections by always speaking to the right audience using clear analytics and demographics to get insight on any keyword to know and see any topic transparently before joining the conversation or campaign.

This all-encompassing analysis reveals the following when measuring any topic, word, hashtag, account, URL, or phrase:

Who is talking about your brand
Where were your tweets retweeted
Where are people engaging with you
Identify your most influential advocates
What kinds of people engaged with you
Who are your most influential advocates
What were the best posts in the campaign
What other topics came from the discussion
Where is the Twitter conversation happening
What influencers share your target demographic
Discover new hashtags and keywords for your strategy
We are here to help.
There are a lot of new features to explore, and some of the tools you are familiar with might have a different interface or new ways to interact with the data. If you are missing something from your old Followerwonk dashboard, please let us know so we can help you find it, or help you find alternate ways to do it in your new dashboard.