How to find your followers’ personas on Twitter (now X)

What did they try to teach us in marketing 101? Segment and understand your audience.

Indeed this is one of the fundamental principles of successful business and marketing strategies. How you view, slice and define a segment of the market and its audience can lead to success (or failure), to efficient deployment of resources, and to winning marketing strategies. The clarity and uniqueness of your definitions of the market vs. the competitor drives your product, service and marketing strategy.

For example if you are an airline and you look at the market as say, 10 cities and one hour flights from each, it is very different from an airline that segmented their market as a few major hubs and flights to any major city in the continent or internationally. The audience targeted and the airline promotion devised would be very different for both in this example.

If you are a good marketer you already know the value of segmentation and building personas that represent those key segments.  In this post, I want to show you how you can take those personas and apply them to your followers to optimize engagement and drive results through a simple process of applying various filters. Fedica’s analytics software will dissect and segment your X followers by the filters you define and output the results that can then drive your engagement, marketing and promotion strategies.

A simple interface on Fedica’s dashboard with a drop down menu allows you to select a filter, “cut and slice” your audience volume by many criteria. To mention a few filters: location, occupation, age, language, word in profile or more.  How you define each of these filters can come from your personas.  So for example if your persona states you are targeting 25-65 year olds who are employed, you can match the Fedica filters to ensure you are reaching those that match your target persona.

segmentation Pic from service_1

Let’s say I am a Latin music group planning a tour in Spanish speaking Latin America and Madrid – I can filter the Spanish speaking folks among my followers living in those cities and engage them in promotions, info on venue, etc.

segmentation Pic from service_2

This is just one example of many filters and possibilities.  The tools are there; all you need to do is define the criteria that apply to your business. Even better, this is a tool of constant optimization, as you can dynamically apply filters as the need arises – for example, a tour in different cities, promotion to certain age or gender segment of your audience, or to a particular promotion.

An important application is curating lists of personas for further use; you can curate private X list for your own use, public X lists to share with others, or you can have custom lists within the application for later use. You can exports all the lists in excel.

You’ve researched the market and built your X follower segmentation and persona models but that is just step one.  The ability to use that information via Tweepmap’s analytics tools to pinpoint your ideal group(s) of customers, uncover and build personas, target opportunities and promotions accordingly can bring tremendous results to your business.