How to Find X Analytics in 2024 (Twitter)

Ever wondered if you’re getting the full picture of your social media performance? Let’s explore X analytics (Twitter analytics) and see how to find stats you can’t get on X analytics too. If you’re looking to export Twitter analytics data, you can with Fedica! Find Analytics on X: Simple, right? But did you know there … Read more

How to Schedule Threads Posts for Free 

Want to schedule Threads posts for free? How about instantly customizing them to X (Twitter), Mastodon, Bluesky, and LinkedIn at the same time?   Imagine writing one thread, then adding all your other networks in one tool, then tweak the hashtags, tags, change up the videos and images and have it post across platforms all at … Read more

Schedule Bluesky Posts for Free with Fedica

Bluesky schedule posts

Bluesky + schedule posts = Free with Fedica. It’s that simple. But why not also crosspost to Bluesky with Mastodon, X (formerly Twitter), LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and TikTok when Bluesky adds video scheduling too? (Coming soon). Fedica gave you the first-mover advantage, by being the first to let all of the 5.6 million users … Read more

Twitter Interest Targeting List + Build Your Own Ads Audience

Twitter Interest Targeting List building by grouping people and putting them together for targeted and optimized X Ads Campaigns!

X Ads lets you pick from the Twitter interest targeting list seen below. And you have the right idea about targeting people, but there’s more ways to get the right groups people seeing your ads unavailable on X itself. This article will show you how to target interests and more: This article shows you how … Read more

How does Bluesky work? Pro Tips from Veterans

A bluesky with a butterfly rocketship symbolizing how to grow on Bluesky.

How does Bluesky Work?  Bluesky is not just another social media platform; it’s a gateway to giving you more control over your online life. They’re working on something called the AT Protocol, which lets you use the same profile across different social apps without losing connections or content.   Similar to how updates are decided … Read more

Schedule TikTok Posts with Fedica  

This TikTok post scheduler lets you post each video across different networks like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and X (Twitter), for example, while customizing each post per platform.   That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce Fedica’s latest support for TikTok post scheduling. No more reposting TikToks across different platforms or copying the message and tweaking the hashtags … Read more

How to Link Your Instagram Account to Your Facebook Page

Are you trying to link your Instagram account to your Facebook Page? You’re in the right place!  Click here to skip to the steps… Please Note: Meta’s Facebook and Instagram are becoming more linked over time so there are some workflows that might be different, like finding the page to link your accounts in the … Read more