Schedule YouTube Videos and Shorts for Free

Schedule YouTube videos and Shorts for free in Fedica is now available to all! This new addition enables you to distribute your short form videos across Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, LinkedIn, X (Twitter), Pinterest, Mastodon, and Bluesky (video support coming soon).   You can also tailor the text for each platform, leveraging unique keywords and hashtags. This … Read more

Twitter Analytics for Another Account: Demographics, Engagement + More!

twitter analytics on other accounts

Ever wondered how to get more comprehensive Twitter analytics for another account on X? While Twitter offers some basic stats in their new X Analytics, there’s a tool out there that takes things to the next level. Fedica’s Analyze Twitter Account tool can give you a wealth of information about any Twitter user’s audience, content, … Read more

Schedule Instagram Posts for Free (and Cross-Post)

Meta Business Suite, one of the tools to schedule Instagram posts, has a bit of problems. Sometimes its slow, unreliable, and users frequently encounter issues like vanishing content and failed scheduling attempts. These problems make it challenging to maintain a consistent Instagram presence, especially for busy professionals or businesses managing multiple accounts on different social … Read more

Fedica Coupons, Promo & Discount Codes [Updated 2024] 

fedica discount codes

Are you looking for Fedica discount codes? You’ve come to the right place. As the official source, we want to provide clear and accurate information about our pricing and discounts.  Current Fedica Discount Codes:  Annual Subscription Savings   Save by choosing annual billing over monthly. Nonprofit Discount Program   Exclusive discounts for eligible nonprofit organizations: Fedica’s Newsletter … Read more

X Follower Tracker with Bot Detect, Verified & More

x follower tracker for follower analytics with Fedica

Unlock the hidden potential of your X account with Fedica’s X follower tracker. In a world where social media success hinges on understanding your audience, basic analytics just don’t cut it anymore. Whether you’re a rising influencer, an established brand, or creator aiming to make your mark online, you need more than numbers – you … Read more

Export Twitter Analytics Data in 2024 (With Extra Stats)

If you’ve been wondering why X (formerly Twitter’s) decided to remove the option to download analytics data and change their Twitter analytics, you’re not alone. But here’s the good news: there’s a smarter, more powerful alternative that doesn’t just match X Premium – it has data you can’t get anywhere else. Here’s how to Export … Read more

How to Find X Analytics in 2024 (Twitter)

X changed the old analytics so its hard to find X analytics now. Just check the screenshot below! If you’re looking to export Twitter analytics data, get Twitter analytics for another account, filter and sort your analytics, see who engaged, that’s all included in Fedica! X analytics offers a quick glance at your performance, but … Read more

Cross Posting Instagram Threads, Reels, TikTok, & More

You’re not the only one juggling content across platforms like Instagram, TikTok, Threads, Twitter, Bluesky, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Mastodon. Start crossposting Instagram Threads text posts and short-form videos to Reels and TikTok, complete with custom text for each platform, all for free. Crossposting with custom text makes this jumble of tasks easier because you can … Read more

How to Schedule Threads Posts for Free 

Want to schedule Threads posts for free? How about instantly customizing them to X (Twitter), Mastodon, Bluesky, and LinkedIn at the same time?   Imagine writing one thread, then adding all your other networks in one tool, then tweak the hashtags, tags, change up the videos and images and have it post across platforms all at … Read more

Twitter Inactive Followers (X): Find and Remove Them Easily

There are two ways to find and remove inactive Twitter followers on X: (1) Filtering your followers in Fedica for last activity, and (2) tracking inactive accounts you follow and who don’t follow you back. Spotting inactive followers only scratches the surface of what you can do to protect your account! How Do You Find … Read more

Instant Twitter Leads: Generate a Qualified List in Moments on X

Are you wondering, “Is Twitter good for leads?” or “How to get Twitter leads?” If so, watch the video below. In this blog post, we’ll explore how to find content buyers on X (Twitter) and build a list of accounts to use as a leads list using Fedica’s Search & Explore tool. X users are … Read more

Schedule Posts on Bluesky & Mastodon with Content Warning Labels

Expressing yourself freely on social media is important, but so is being respectful of your audience. That’s why we’re excited to announce new labelling capabilities (NSFW or trigger warning) in Fedica to schedule NSFW Bluesky and Mastodon posts. Schedule NSFW Bluesky Posts Previously, you could not add content labels when scheduling posts to Bluesky. Now … Read more

Best Bot Checker: Fedica’s X (Twitter) Bot Detection Tool

What’s the best bot detection tool that shows if someone’s followers are real? What if they’re just inactive, suspended or deleted their account? The best bot detection tool is Fedica’s Follower Quality Audit simply because it comes with other tools that keeps your account healthy in more ways than just finding bot followers. For example, … Read more

Schedule Bluesky Posts for Free with Fedica

Bluesky schedule posts

Bluesky + schedule posts = Free with Fedica. It’s that simple. But why not also crosspost to Bluesky with Mastodon, X (formerly Twitter), LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and TikTok when Bluesky adds video scheduling too? (Coming soon). Fedica gave you the first-mover advantage, by being the first to let all of the 5.6 million users … Read more

Twitter Interest Targeting List + Build Your Own Ads Audience

Twitter Interest Targeting List building by grouping people and putting them together for targeted and optimized X Ads Campaigns!

X Ads lets you pick from the Twitter interest targeting list seen below. And you have the right idea about targeting people, but there’s more ways to get the right groups people seeing your ads unavailable on X itself. This article will show you how to target interests and more: This article shows you how … Read more

Check Mutual Followers Between Accounts Twitter (X)

Check mutual followers Twitter. see the common followers of multiple Twitter accounts as depicted by the ven diagram showing follower overlap

Seeing the common followers of multiple Twitter accounts in Fedica is a powerful way to analyze and understand the reach of social media accounts. When you check mutual followers on Twitter, you can maximize your social media campaigns, plan events, partner with influencers, or run an ad campaign on superfans of a topic as seen … Read more

Hashtag Analytics for Twitter (X)

hashtag analytics for twitter

Content can attract people to your business, but what if you could zoom into a conversation and see who’s in there before you engage with that topic or hashtag? Here’s how: Hashtag analytics for Twitter. 76% of customers feel that targeted advertising helps them discover new products. If you do this with hashtag analytics for … Read more