How to get Hashtag Suggestions

How many times did we all write a post and found it difficult to attach hashtags to it? Well, sometimes finding the first hashtag is easy, but how about adding a second or third hashtag? Introducing Hashtag Suggestions! This new tool allows you to find hashtag suggestions as easy as a Google search! Simply enter … Read more

Three Ways to Improve your Twitter (now X) Hashtags

Hashtags are an incredible way to connect with other X (formerly Twitter) users with like interests. If you’re consistent and honest in your hashtag chats, you can make new friends, colleagues and even business partners.

However, I’ve spent a lot of time in hashtag chats and general hashtag conversations and have seen a lot of people miss the mark. It’s not that it’s “wrong”, but every tweet is an opportunity to say something valuable and on X, people are measured by the consistent quality of their tweets. When a user’s every tweet is funny, informative or educational, the followers will come.

So here are three ways to improve your use of X hasthags.

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