Twitter Interest Targeting List + Build Your Own Ads Audience

Twitter Interest Targeting List building by grouping people and putting them together for targeted and optimized X Ads Campaigns!

X Ads lets you pick from the Twitter interest targeting list seen below. And you have the right idea about targeting people, but there’s more ways to get the right groups people seeing your ads unavailable on X itself. This article will show you how to target interests and more: This article shows you how … Read more

Check Mutual Followers Between Accounts Twitter (X)

Check mutual followers Twitter. see the common followers of multiple Twitter accounts as depicted by the ven diagram showing follower overlap

Seeing the common followers of multiple Twitter accounts in Fedica is a powerful way to analyze and understand the reach of social media accounts. When you check mutual followers on Twitter, you can maximize your social media campaigns, plan events, partner with influencers, or run an ad campaign on superfans of a topic as seen … Read more

Hashtag Analytics for Twitter (X)

hashtag analytics for twitter

Content can attract people to your business, but what if you could zoom into a conversation and see who’s in there before you engage with that topic or hashtag? Here’s how: Hashtag analytics for Twitter. 76% of customers feel that targeted advertising helps them discover new products. If you do this with hashtag analytics for … Read more

Hashtag Report of Today: #Glasgow2014

Glasgow is a busy place right now with the Commonwealth Games and the hashtag #Glasgow2014 is where people are talking about it! Here are some of the tweets from the fans (we think it is funny that there were so many tweets about the royal family photobombing people): Here’s a closer look at Prince Harry’s … Read more

Hashtag Report of Today: #TDF for Tour de France

tour de france on twitter

Concerts, sporting events, twitter chats, politics… So many hashtags and so much data to analyze – and Fedica can do that. Over in France right now they are all about those hard core cyclists pedalling their way through the Tour De France and people are talking about it all over Twitter with the hashtag #TDF. … Read more

Zoom in on where followers are engaging with you on Twitter (now X)

Twitter chat TweetChat reports

You may already know that the Fedica interactive map tools are great to track and map your followers and growth, but now you can track and map any word, hashtag, account, or phrase! Did you ever need to track what people were saying about a brand and know where this conversation was taking place? Did … Read more