Schedule Posts on Bluesky & Mastodon with Content Warning Labels

Expressing yourself freely on social media is important, but so is being respectful of your audience. That’s why we’re excited to announce new labelling capabilities (NSFW or trigger warning) in Fedica to schedule NSFW Bluesky and Mastodon posts. Schedule NSFW Bluesky Posts Previously, you could not add content labels when scheduling posts to Bluesky. Now … Read more

Twitter Interest Targeting List + Build Your Own Ads Audience

Twitter Interest Targeting List building by grouping people and putting them together for targeted and optimized X Ads Campaigns!

X Ads lets you pick from the Twitter interest targeting list seen below. And you have the right idea about targeting people, but there’s more ways to get the right groups people seeing your ads unavailable on X itself. This article will show you how to target interests and more: This article shows you how … Read more

Tried and True Lead Gen Strategies Agencies Use to Get Clients

What lead gen strategies do you use to get your ideal clients to do a triple back flip into your funnel with full confidence that you’re gonna catch them like a thousand fit firefighters pulling on a life net?  After scouring the internet, listened to conversations with marketing agency owners and adding our findings and … Read more

Find Fake Followers With a Quality Audit 

When you find fake followers and remove them you will get more followers over time.  Also, fun fact, if you have bunch of inactive accounts following you, your engagement stats will look worse and mess with the content you think you should be making compared to if you only counted real active people! On X (Twitter), … Read more