Twitter Analytics for Another Account: Demographics, Engagement + More!

twitter analytics on other accounts

Ever wondered how to get more comprehensive Twitter analytics for another account on X? While Twitter offers some basic stats in their new X Analytics, there’s a tool out there that takes things to the next level. Fedica’s Analyze Twitter Account tool can give you a wealth of information about any Twitter user’s audience, content, … Read more

Export Twitter Analytics Data in 2024 (With Extra Stats)

If you’ve been wondering why X (formerly Twitter’s) decided to remove the option to download analytics data and change their Twitter analytics, you’re not alone. But here’s the good news: there’s a smarter, more powerful alternative that doesn’t just match X Premium – it has data you can’t get anywhere else. Here’s how to Export … Read more

Best Bot Checker: Fedica’s X (Twitter) Bot Detection Tool

What’s the best bot detection tool that shows if someone’s followers are real? What if they’re just inactive, suspended or deleted their account? The best bot detection tool is Fedica’s Follower Quality Audit simply because it comes with other tools that keeps your account healthy in more ways than just finding bot followers. For example, … Read more

Find Fake Followers With a Quality Audit 

When you find fake followers and remove them you will get more followers over time.  Also, fun fact, if you have bunch of inactive accounts following you, your engagement stats will look worse and mess with the content you think you should be making compared to if you only counted real active people! On X (Twitter), … Read more

Essentials for Marketing Agency Growth in 2024

In the dynamic world of marketing, mastering the art of growth is non-negotiable.   Marketing agency growth comes from continuous hard work, and there is no roadmap to survive, but using these tactics and recommendations can help you thrive in 2024.   Buckle up as we delve into the strategies that promise unparalleled success.  How Agencies Plan … Read more

X Ads Got Better: Build a Targeted Audience

Here’s a Twitter ad targeting tip: When you truly understand your audience and present offers that are simply too good to resist, your social media ads perform like never before, turning your ad budget into a profit-making machine. But this is only possible when you know the specifics about your target audience.   That’s why … Read more

Social Media Audit Like a Pro (+4 Methods Marketers Overlook!)

Growing a following on X (formerly Twitter) isn’t only about your content and growth. It’s also about the quality of followers you have. What’s the point of 100,000 followers if most are inactive or they’re throwing off your target demographics? This article will dive into everything you need to ask for a complete an X … Read more