35 Best Crypto Influencers + Who to Trust 

The crypto space is teeming with influencers, all vying for your attention and promising untold riches.

But with so many voices out there, how do you find the reliable, trustworthy figures who can genuinely benefit your brand with a collab – especially if they have a small but strong community, and 44% of marketers scoop them up over macro-influencers and celebrities.

This guide will equip marketing agencies, and entrepreneurs with the tools to identify the best crypto influencers for their needs, providing a list of accounts recommended by many crypto enthusiasts, and also a list of people found on X and vetted by the quality of their community and content. 

19 Best Crypto Influencers Based on Recommendations from Enthusiasts

The many people who recommended the following thought leaders also advise you to always do your own research with any technology project and look for experts who don’t blindly tell you to invest in products. The following top picks of the best crypto influencers are not endorsed by Fedica.

Most enthusiasts recommend finding those who teach you how projects work and who suggest for you to read their documentation as well.

The following thought leaders are ranked by popularity when asked
“who are the best crypto influencers you trust”:

  1. Benjamin Cowan  
  2. Coin Bureau
  3. James from InvestAnswers
  4. Uncomplication 
  5. Moustache El Crypto Prof   
  6. David the Crypto Bull  
  7. tier10k  
  8. zachxbt  
  9. Son of a tech          
  10. Digital Asset Investor  
  11. Crypto Casey  
  12. Bob Loukas          
  13. The Modern Investor  
  14. Matt Damon  
  15. Coffezilla  
  16. Cryptoviser  
  17. Crypto God John 
  18. avax bot 9000
  19. Justin Bram

If you want to learn how to build a list like this on your own for any niche, jump to the next section! 

How to Find Crypto Influencers People Trust 

It’s easy to fall for flashy promises and big follower counts, but beware of the shills. You want to partner with respected thought leaders who have a proven track record of providing valuable insights and supporting legitimate projects. 

We’ve curated a list of 16 popular crypto thought leaders based on their strong reputations and positive community feedback. These individuals are known for their insightful analysis, responsible promotion, and dedication to building a healthy crypto ecosystem. 

Hidden Gems: The Kind of Crypto Influencers to Collaborate With 

While established thought leaders offer significant reach, don’t overlook smaller influencers with dedicated, engaged communities.  

As they say, 1000 fans are better than 1,000,000 unengaged followers. So, you can save money and help growing experts by collaborating with them for a higher, more guaranteed return! 

These individuals often have a more targeted audience, and if they align with your own, then the collaborations you do will have a higher return on investment (ROI) for your campaigns. 

If this sounds more appealing than paying for super popular influencers, the next section breaks down how. If you want to go the max-reach route, at least run a quality audit to find fake followers and see their bot-score before paying them for exposure! 

For example, here are the people we found by searching for the perfect traits that make up our best customers, which all include; activity, verification, occupation, words they talk about, words in their profile, and more. 

16 Promising Crypto Influencers on X

Found With Fedica’s Search & Explore tool, sorted by followers: 

UsernameFollowersFollowingPostsVerified AccountDescriptionLocation
@BTC_NFT16376617331118YesInfluencer Marketing Manager 
@MoodyOwlNFT159302423910411Yes#NFT, #AI, #crypto influencer, EntrepreneurMunich, Bavaria
@oliverzok10705415922336YesTech / Blockchain Influencer, Investor & AdvisorEarth
@Web3Spike938993041075YesCrypto Enthusiast Estados Unidos
@mvpescu7208410674186434Yesthere’s no bio.
@Cryptoholic_boy563101523780Binance & Huobi, Content creatorhttps://t.me/CryptoholicGems
@BitBenderBrink54708116531246YesBarbarian: Path of the BerserkerVancouver, BC
@cprbykgs352202203112YesCoder & InfluencerChennai, India
@dobuybitcoin2722516159169YesAI Crypto Influencer Austin, TX
@AsadAliKazmiSyd213174799516YesBlockchain | Teacher | TraderBristol, England
@MiceCaller2085391225Marketing ManagerBlockchain
@CryptoLalit15118277516085YesCrypto Influencer, YouTube + Family From World’s Largest Democracy
@philipsgogeta1746218953790YesFull-trip to financial freedom #crypto.Italy
@InvestorBateon1445037410652YesFounder of community, Kol & InfluencerIn profits
@bangerzNFT13072240814263Yesfemale ‘founder’Solana Beach, CA
List Created in March 2024

Fedica’s Search & Explore: Your Perfect People Finder 

How did we find these hidden gems above? We utilized Fedica’s Search & Explore tool to find the best crypto influencers by adding some filters. This powerful tool allows you to find X (Twitter) accounts based on specific keywords, interests, and audience demographics.  

We then added those who prioritize community building and quality content over aggressive self-promotion.  

You can find your perfect people in any niche and field by filtering for occupation and the kinds of words they use in their bios and posts. See how in the video below! 

Advice for Finding The Best Crypto Influencers: 

“Best ‘influencers’ in my opinion is none. Look for thought leaders, not influencers.”

Navigating the world of cryptocurrency can be daunting, especially when it comes to finding trustworthy influencers. Here are some tips to guide you: 

  1. Understand the Difference 
    Recognize that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are not the same. For Bitcoin, consider following influencers like Andreas Antonopolous, Jimmy Song, POMP, and What Bitcoin Did. For other cryptocurrencies, you’ll need to do your own research. 
  1. Look Beyond the Thumbnails 
    Don’t be swayed by flashy video thumbnails. Often, the quality of content is inversely proportional to the silliness of the thumbnail. 
  1. Subscriber Count Isn’t Everything 
    A large number of followers does not necessarily equate to quality content. Be discerning about who you invest your time in. 
  1. Seek Genuine Learners 
    Look for those who are genuinely interested in researching and learning about the field, rather than just following trends. 
  1. Follow the Developers 
    Consider following the developers of high-cap coins. Their websites can often be found on platforms like CoinMarketCap, and from there, you can find their social media accounts. 
  1. Use Multiple Resources 
    Don’t limit yourself to social media. Utilize as many online resources as possible to broaden your understanding and avoid falling for shills. 
  1. Start with Research 
    Begin your journey with comprehensive research, including reading whitepapers and other materials. This will equip you with the knowledge to filter out unreliable information. 

Remember, influencer marketing thrives on collaboration, not just promotion. By finding the right influencers who share your vision and resonate with your audience, you can build lasting partnerships that drive genuine engagement and support for your brand. 

Start exploring today! Utilize Fedica to Search & Explore Accounts, search bios and find crypto influencers who can help you elevate your brand and achieve your marketing goals. 

Remember, due diligence is key. Always research potential influencers thoroughly before partnering with them. Look for red flags like excessive shilling, lack of transparency, and inauthentic engagement. 

By following these tips and utilizing the provided resources, you can navigate the crypto influencer landscape and find the perfect partners to help your brand thrive.