Check Mutual Followers Between Accounts Twitter (X)

Seeing the common followers of multiple Twitter accounts in Fedica is a powerful way to analyze and understand the reach of social media accounts. When you check mutual followers on Twitter, you can maximize your social media campaigns, plan events, partner with influencers, or run an ad campaign on superfans of a topic as seen below:

Other Reasons People Check Mutual Followers of Twitter (X) Accounts in Fedica:

  1. Finding a specialized target market
    Within a certain niche or issue, you can find an audience that is really interested and engaged. These folks might be useful for content promotion or targeted advertising as they are probably enthusiastic about the topic.
  2. Discovering advocates and influencers
    Within the mutual followers or following, the overlapping accounts might consist of thought leaders or notable individuals. These people may be future collaborators, brand ambassadors, or supporters of your company or work.
  3. Finding opportunities for content
    The overlapping audience’s shared interests and preferences may be used to find new content gaps. You could create more pertinent and interesting posts for this audience by learning what appeals to them with a list analysis when you send the mutual followers to a Fedica List to analyze later.
  4. Building strategic partnerships
    Potential business partners or similar brands with a similar target market may be shown by the overlap in followers. Efforts for co-marketing, cross-promotion, or collaboration may benefit from this information.
  5. Improving social listening
    You may learn a lot about the interests, problems, and opinions of the overlapping followers by keeping an eye on their interactions and chats. Your efforts in customer service, product development, and social media strategy may all benefit from this.
  6. Improving filtering and targeting
    You may improve your targeting and segmentation tactics for email marketing campaigns or social media advertising by utilizing the follower overlap data. Your marketing efforts will become more relevant and effective if you concentrate on the shared audience.
  7. Analyzing competitors
    You may learn more about a competitor’s audience and possible points of distinction or competitive advantage by examining the follower overlap between your account and theirs.
  8. Promoting community
    The followers that overlap could be an indication of a close-knit group with similar interests. You may increase brand advocacy and loyalty by interacting with this community and developing relationships.

How to See the Common Mutual Followers of Multiple X (Twitter) Accounts

Check Mutual Followers Twitter X

See the common followers of multiple Twitter accounts.

Like in the video above, begin by selecting multiple accounts that you think would have mutual followers. For example, the above image has intel, AMD and nvidia for people who really love computer hardware.

When you add their handles, you’ll get to explore the mutual followers of each and those who are not mutual followers too.

That’s it! Now, here’s some extra tips you might not have thought of for getting the most from this tool:

Analyze Followers Separately

You can analyze each follower list separately to understand their reach on others. Don’t forget, you can save any follower list to analyze later and understand that list’s reach on the people that follow that group of mutual accounts.

Analyzing the reach of a group of accounts is done with the Analyze Lists section in Fedica. When you analyze them, you’re analyzing the followers of the people in the list rather than the list accounts themselves.

Find Super fans

Super fans are users who follow multiple accounts on the same topic. You can find super fans by gathering a group of users who are each following two fan accounts on a subject and then using targeting them for outreach campaigns or ad campaigns.

Add any list in Fedica to an X Ads Audience

Once you have your groups of people made from all the tools in Fedica, like common followers, select all the people and then bring them to a Custom X Ads Audience. This can be done for each group of people you have identified.

Alternatively, you can find “Super fans” from two fan accounts and mix them with people you find with Search & Explore on Fedica by finding accounts who post about keywords relating to that topic.

In our example video above, we show how to find super fans of a topic. That way we found even more people relevant to the group in the discussion happening around the relating trending hashtag with Fedica’s Hashtag and Keyword Report. Then using those two groups, we created an ads audience and sent it to the ads platform right from Fedica so we save on Adspend and never send an ad to the wrong people.

With Fedica, you can maximize your social media campaigns to reach new target followers before you begin collaborating or joining new conversations.