How to See How Many Verified Followers You Have on X (Twitter)

X is always evolving – Elon Musk reinstated the blue checkmark for creators with communities of verified followers to have X pay for itself. So here’s how to see how many verified followers follow you on X (Twitter).

You get your verification checkmark back if you have over 2,500 verified followers (Not Subscribers), and you also get X Premium for free.

If you have over 5,000 verified followers, you get Premium+ for free.

How to See Your Verified Followers on X (Twitter)

  1. Log into Fedica and connect your X account: Use the X account where you want to check your verified followers.
  2. Navigate to Fedica’s Sort Followers tool: In the left-hand menu, click Fedica’s Sort Followers (aka “Follower Segmentation”) tool in Community Analysis.
  3. Sort your followers: With a simple click, you can sort your verified followers from the rest and know how many verified followers you have.
  4. Check out your verified followers: Now, you can see how many verified followers you have. These are the followers with the blue check mark next to their name. The number of total verified X followers show under the “Select All” button (Green Arrow in the image below). You can also sort these followers if you need.

Elon Musk’s X (Twitter) is shaking things up with some fresh strategies to give its subscription model a new lease of life and increase revenue.

Musk is bringing checkmarks back for users with a big fan base to get more people on board with X subscriptions. They’re even giving out free blue checkmarks to big names in the community, including those who lost their verification after Musk changed the rules.

Musk is also looking to increase revenue by bringing Grok, a super smart AI chatbot, into X Premium, which he hopes will get more people to subscribe. This is all part of Musk’s master plan to give X a new lease of life.

So, that’s the lowdown. Musk’s pulling out all the stops to increase X’s revenue and subscriber base, supporting creators with verification checkmarks and the integration of cutting-edge AI Grok tech. It’s all part of the exciting journey of reinventing X!

See how Follower Segmentation lets you filter your followers to know how many verified followers you have: