How to Use X (once Twitter) Analytics: The Champion’s Guide

This is the last X (formerly Twitter) Analytics guide you’ll ever need. You’ll not only learn the ins and outs of X Analytics, but you’ll learn what analytics to check, what they mean, and how to use them to become an audience-growth champion! What is X Analytics? Using X Analytics, you can track and view … Read more

The Undecided Tweeps – US Elections

We are in the final stretch of the US presidential election and the different campaigns are ramping up their social media effort (including Twitter ads). During this election cycle, we have run multiple analysis using Twitter data, today we are taking a closer look to get clues on who follows more than one candidate, a … Read more

Indiana Primary Prediction: A Landslide for Trump, A Win for Clinton

The US presidential election has been super exciting this year, not only for US citizens but for the rest of the world too who are following all the twists and turns. Social media, and Twitter especially, have been a big part of this campaign in so many ways: announcements, engagement and even trading barbs between … Read more

Data driven Tweet Scheduler and Calendar

Publishing engaging content usually requires multiple stages, it starts with finding relevant and engaging topics, writing the content, then publishing it to the audience. However, we all have busy schedules and can’t Tweet enough content to keep our audience engaged 24/7. So the planning process usually involves writing different content pieces ahead of time then … Read more

Do primary debates impact the conversations on social media?

“When you talk, you are only repeating what you already know. But if you listen, you may learn something new.” – Dalai Lama INTRODUCTION With less than a year before the next US Presidential Election, the Democratic and Republican parties are marching towards their respective presidential primaries but on vastly different paths. On the Democrat … Read more

Twitter (now X) data shows NDP, Liberals gaining grounds on Conservatives in key provinces in September

Winning hearts and minds on X – where does each party stand in each province for the 2015 Canadian Election? 1. A quick look at the distribution of the seats between provinces and understanding the key battlegrounds Ontario 121 35.80% BC 42 12.43% Alberta 34 10.06% Quebec 78 23.08% Manitoba 14 4.14% Saskatchewan 14 4.14% Nova Scotia … Read more

Greferendum and the fate of Greece: the most illustrative tweets on the historic decision tomorrow

Greece’s deteriorating fiscal crisis reached a new stage as the referendum proposed by Greece’s Syriza party put an end to the possibility of a fast resolution to the ongoing debt talks. The result of the referendum will have immense economic and geopolitical impact to Greece and a number of members of EU. In this post, we aim … Read more

Europe Divided: The Most Explanatory Pro and Anti-Austerity Tweets on #Greece

Greece’s deteriorating fiscal crisis reached new heights as the Referendum proposed by Greece’s Syriza party put an end to the possibility of a fast resolution to the ongoing debt talks. We bring you a selection of the most telling tweets from Europe and North America for both sides of the debate on the current situation. Click on the … Read more

The Most Interesting Reactions To #GameofThrones Finale From Fans Around The World

Welcome to Fedica’s running #GameofThrones Twitter series, where we find the most interesting conversations around the world and bring it to you. Season five has now come to an end – and what a complete emotional breakdown of a finale! Without further ado, here’s our collection of the most interesting reaction to #GameofThrones last night: … Read more

The Most Interesting Tweets On #GameofThrones: #DanceofDragons

In this edition of #GameofThrones Recap, we will bring you around the world to see what the fans of the series have to say about the immensely emotional episode #DanceofDragons. We are massive fans Game of Thrones. We also love reading about Game of Thrones fans reacting to their favourite show. Last episode we featured tweets … Read more

The Most Interesting Twitter (now X) Reactions To #GameofThrones #Hardhome

We love Game of Thrones. We also love reading about Game of Thrones fans reacting to their favourite show. To see more cities, use our live Hashtag Map #GameofThrones #Hardhome Here . New York. New york city is home to one of the most vocal #GameofThrones fanbase on earth: London. Our British cousins are also amongst the top GoT fanbase … Read more

#FIFA: Can Soccer Win Against an Entrenched Organization for Real Social Change?

illustration by Mike Trujillo #FIFA: What does a people’s movement sound like? The keyword #FIFA has been discussed by over 309 million people around the world on May 28th alone. For city-level drill down of the #FIFA conversation, go to Fedica’s live hashtag map. Can #FIFA president Sepp Blatter fight off the onslaught of criticism? Fifa … Read more

Bi-Partisan Reach on Twitter: Hillary Clinton Has More Influence on Twitter Than the Entire Republican Candidate Pool

History has proven that presidential elections can be won by leveraging technology to touch and convert voters. Technology once again will be in the spotlight and play a critical role in determining the outcome of the 2016 election. Political institutions that can leverage the power of new technology platforms to connect to their constituents more effectively … Read more