Find Fake Followers With a Quality Audit 

When you find fake followers and remove them you will get more followers over time. 

Also, fun fact, if you have bunch of inactive accounts following you, your engagement stats will look worse and mess with the content you think you should be making compared to if you only counted real active people!
On X (Twitter), for example, all you have to do is run an audit on your followers to find fake followers. But follower audits alone won’t save your account either! This blog will show you what to look for and why it matters. 

Why Finding Fake Followers Matters 

The quest to find fake followers on X is a common challenge, and Fedica’s specialized tool simplifies this process while providing valuable insights. This tool assigns a score to each follower, shedding light on your audience composition from high-quality to low-quality users.  

When you do this, then compare your results with other tools like audience analysis and filterable analytics, you have total control over your audience! 

Impact on Engagement Analytics

Your X engagement metrics are directly influenced by the quality of your followers. Inactive accounts and bots can skew these metrics, signalling to X (Twitter) that your content is not liked by your followers.

Fedica’s Quality Audit tool empowers you to see the real from the fake followers, so your engagement rate accurately reflects the interest of your real audience, and the algorithm knows you are posting stuff they like.

Do people know they have bots in their followers on X? We asked our community their thoughts in a poll here:

This is easy to check in Fedica because you can check these 3 things in the platform:  

  1. Audit your followers,  
  1. Chart your follower demographics,  
  1. Check your engagement analytics 

Then, see if the demographics in your analytics data match the ones in your followers. You’ll know if you need to make some changes to your content if you are not attracting the right attention with the kinds of people relevant to your offer.  

Otherwise, if the people in your engagement analytics don’t match your follower stats, you know what kinds of content to publish to get back on track to attracting the right audience!  

Deep Follower Analysis: Fact or Fake

Follower audits not only expose bots but also reveals real accounts who act like bots. 🤖

Finding them by pointing out excessive posting or lack of engagement, is crucial:  

By eliminating these accounts, you not only boost your engagement rate but also gain a more accurate understanding of your real audience that engages with you and your follower demographics will reflect that when you remove the ‘fake’ followers. 

PRO TIP: It’s easy to find these inactive people who act like bots, or who have no profile image, for example. Select Follower Segmentation to filter and sort your followers by profile image and/or last inactive and remove people who haven’t been active in over 5 months or so. 

Auditing Competitors for Growth Protection 

Fedica’s Twitter Bot Audit Tool isn’t limited to personal accounts. With just a few clicks, you can now find fake followers on anyone’s account, including competitors. This comprehensive tool allows you to evaluate account health, effortlessly block unwanted bots, and cultivate a thriving, engaged Twitter community. 

This is great for saving you time and money before engaging with influencers, collaborating with people, or trying to analyze their followers to do a hostile takeover. Can’t win their niche if their niche is fake!

Key Features to Help You Find Fake Followers: 

🔍 Detailed Audit of Your Followers: 

  • Unearth bots and fake followers in your community. 
  • Assess account health with a comprehensive audit score. 
  • Evaluate other accounts for their audit score. 

🔎 Inactive Users You Follow 

  • Don’t follow people who are not active and acting like bots because then your algorithm will keep you away from the real people you can be engaging with!  

📈 Boost Your Score: 

  • Bring your audit score to 100% real, authentic followers. 
  • Enhance your X (Twitter) presence with a clean and thriving community by focusing on the real ones. 

Why Finding Fake Followers is Important: 

Bots and fake followers can slow your growth by manipulating engagement ratings, inflating accounts artificially, providing false information about your audience data, and messing with your feed. Fedica’s Follower Audit tool makes it seamless to protect your growth against these negative effects because you can run an audit and take action with other tools in Fedica, like managing your follows and checking the inactive accounts you follow too. 

Don’t let fake followers slow your success. Empower your brand, elevate engagement, and let your genuine audience shine through with Fedica’s Follower Audit tool. It’s time to take control of your growth, presence, and drive meaningful connections by quickly finding fake followers!