New Features for Bluesky Just Launched with Better Threads and RSS Support 

Last year we were the first service to support scheduling to Bluesky, and since then, we’ve continued to release more support for a growing platform with an awesome community. We’ve released capabilities that make using Bluesky way easier, like automatic link cards, crossposting to multiple platforms with custom text per network, and now this year we’ve brought thread spreading to Bluesky.  

Now, thread spreading is available to you on Bluesky, so you can increase your reach of each post in the thread, while also preventing content fatigue and avoiding the simultaneous flooding of people’s timelines. 

Also, we released automatic RSS feed social posts from your blog feed, for example. You can auto-post entire article descriptions, and when these descriptions are too long, they transform into threaded content automatically. In the past, we built the ability to schedule threads for X (Twitter) that post each new post at different times, and discovered it boosts impressions over 2000% when threads of 30 tips were posting once daily. 

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Key Features of Bluesky Thread Spreading 

Strategic Post Distribution: 

Users can now schedule different parts of a threaded post to be shared at optimal times, ensuring maximum visibility. That means any time they choose, down to the minute. Just set up a content pipeline queue in your calendar, pick how often they post, then schedule your thread to that pipeline!

Extended Lifespan of Content

By spacing out the posts within a thread, we ensured that the content remains relevant and engaging for a more extended period, contributing to sustained audience interaction. 

Enhanced User Engagement

Taking threads to the max with this feature encourages increased user engagement over time, as each post in the thread enjoys its own moment in the spotlight. 

Prevention of Timeline Overload

Our thoughtful approach prevents users’ timelines from being inundated with a barrage of posts from a single thread, offering a more pleasant and balanced user experience. 

Why This Matters

This new capability not only recognizes that attention is a precious commodity but also empowers users to make the most of every piece of content they share on Bluesky.

The strategic distribution of threaded posts ensures that each part of the narrative receives the attention it deserves, leading to higher engagement rates and a more satisfied community. 

Bluesky Forever 

Our commitment to innovation with open platforms is evident in its latest feature, designed to empower Bluesky users in crafting more engaging and enduring threaded posts. As social media landscapes continue to evolve, this strategic approach to content distribution sets a new standard for user-centric features in the decentralized era of Bluesky.