Schedule Bluesky Posts with Link Cards Automatically Added

Bluesky is Booming

Bluesky so far has been a vibe and is bringing users closer to more real conversations. Its unique emphasis on open-source code and decentralized networks will take it far into the future of social media. 

And now after launching free Bluesky scheduling, creators now get automatic link cards added to posts with our Bluesky publishing tools!  

That means all the quote-posts you schedule will also post as a card with a preview of the post instead of just the link!

There was no scheduling on Bluesky until we built it to empower creators to take the leading edge in the Fediverse. And now, when you schedule to Bluesky with Fedica, your links automatically includes a link card that shows its header image, meta description, and title: 

Since Fedica was the first platform to support Bluesky scheduling, you know we listen and make what you need, like Jess, who needed a scheduling solution for Underground Oracle Publishing.  

Knowing that the future of social media is in the fediverse, we’ve been going strong with Bluesky and Mastodon because soon it won’t matter where you post because your community and digital identity will be everywhere at once! 

Thank you to everyone in our community like Chris and Sam for giving feedback so we know what to build which helps everyone win. That’s the difference with when you’re in with the Fedica family! 

Because of you, creators with blogs or who share news and other links can schedule it ahead of time to Bluesky with their 6 other platforms, knowing it will look great and drive more engagement with your community, all by adding a link to Fedica’s scheduler: 

With these new auto link cards, your content will be visually engaging and informative, enhancing user experience and increasing the likelihood of interactions and help your strategy’s success. 

We’re keeping you at the forefront of social media with tools and features that are simply innovative and take the leading edge. We know our community is full of go getters and doers who wouldn’t have it any other way so if you want to help us build tools fit for you, let us know by sending us your feedback below.