Fedica’s Latest: Bluesky, Mastodon Thread Posts, X Bot Finder, & Better RSS Feed to Socials

January, 2024 

We’ve been working tirelessly behind the scenes to elevate your social media experience, and we’re thrilled to unveil the latest functionalities that will accelerate your scheduling automation, reach, and engagement! 

Here’s what’s new and exciting 👇 

🐘🦋 Mastodon & Bluesky Thread Spreading:  

We’re expanding thread scheduling support to Bluesky and Mastodon that let you spread each post over time!  

Now, each post is published at different times, allowing you to generate engagement repeatedly, making your content last longer.  

Our daily 30-post spread of tips generated half a million impressions, boosting average engagement by over 2000%! Perfect for artists and experts looking to build tension or share collections over time.  

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📡🌐 Improved RSS Feed That Converts Articles to A Thread:

Experience enhanced RSS feed capabilities, allowing entire descriptions to be posted.  

Enjoy custom control with features like content enrichment, automatic handling of long text, image integration, and content filtering.  

Whether it’s news, blogs, articles, or any feed-based content, set it and forget it with simple RSS feeds.  

🔎🤖 Fedica Quality Audit to Find Fake Followers and Inactive Accounts:  

Introducing the Fedica Quality Audit, your solution to find fake followers and inactive accounts.  

Audit any account, including your own, with a few clicks to uncover bots and low-quality followers. Understand your and others’ account health with a comprehensive audit score.

Bots and fake followers can harm your growth by manipulating engagement ratings, inflating accounts artificially, and spamming your feed with random information.

Share the Quality Audit news and help improve X

🤳🎵 TikTok Scheduling: 

Many of you were reposting your TikToks on Instagram Reels with our scheduler, so we built support for TikTok scheduling too! Now film and edit all your videos in one shot and share all at once. 

With this new support for TikTok, you can now embrace video easier than ever. Only film once and use your favorite editor to make your video available across networks at the same time without extra work like removing the watermark and reposting manually. 

👥📊 X Ads Integration:  

We thought you should be able to choose the exact people to see your ads by creating custom audiences and directly create the Twitter ads audience targeting from Fedica. This empowers you to create messages that stick when they reach the right people and save your wallet from spending on those who won’t click.  

And there’s lots of ways to group people like: 

  • picking your competitor’s followers,  
  • Sorting your followers by traits, 
  • followers that follow certain accounts and are active, or  
  • Searched accounts from words they post or in their bio,  

and then send an audience from these groups to X Ads with a click! 

📱 Customizable Posts for Each Network:  

We never used to support so many platforms, so now you can customize your text across them all in one post so each post has the best hashtags and tagged users, formatting and visuals!

Whether it’s X, Mastodon, LinkedIn, Bluesky, Instagram, Pinterest TikTok or Facebook, you can write one thread that gets posted on Twitter, Mastodon and Bluesky, and at the same time, it’s a Facebook and a LinkedIn post and has a video for Instagram and TikTok! Just click “Customize Post” in your scheduler.  

Cheers to a cleaner, smarter social media experience!