Bluesky Publishing Just Launched! 

Today, we’re introducing Bluesky scheduling as another supported platform in Fedica! 

This exciting addition builds upon our successful launch of Mastodon scheduling tools and the announcement of Mastodon analytics, making Fedica the first service to support the two main platforms for the Fediverse.


Set up Your Account in 5 Easy Steps:

  1. Sign into Bluesky and navigate to your Settings Page:, then click “App passwords” and then “Add App Password.”  
  1. Create a Password Name, (Example: Fedica), then copy the code it generates: “xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx”  
  1. NOTE: For now, you must have another social media account with Mastodon, X (Twitter), Facebook OR Instagram to create a Fedica account. Then you can connect Bluesky. We’re working on a solution for this as we speak.
  2. In Fedica’s dashboard, go to the posts scheduler, and click on “+” networks. OR go to your account settings “My Account” on the top right corner, and click “Manage Social Networks,” then click “Connect to Bluesky”   
  1. Enter your username with no “@” symbol. (Example:  
  1. Enter the App Password code generated from the App Password you set.   

Congrats! You may begin scheduling Bluesky content in Fedica! 

Publish Content to Bluesky Ahead of Time

We understand the challenges of managing multiple platforms in today’s dynamic social media landscape.

Save valuable time by seamlessly sharing your messaging across various platforms, ensuring consistency and broadening your reach effortlessly. Whether it’s Bluesky, Mastodon, X (formerly Twitter) or our other supported platforms, Fedica empowers you with a valuable first-mover advantage, allowing you to stay ahead in the changing social landscape. 

Manage your messages efficiently by correcting typos, scheduling content, and creating time-sensitive announcements while streamlining your content strategy, maximizing your productivity, and making the most of your social media efforts. 

Build a Community Across Platforms

  • Reach a wider audience and foster engagement on X, Mastodon, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest. 
  • Save time and automate posts for Bluesky in the post scheduler. 

Streamline Your Social Management

  • Revamp your content strategy and stand out on various platforms. 
  • Efficiently allocate time and manage posts with Fedica’s Posts Calendar. 

Organize and Automate Content Easily

  • Save time by uploading content directly to drafts, Pipelines, or the calendar. 
  • Automate scheduling with different options to optimize posting times, including bulk uploading and evergreen media in the Media Library. 

Engage with Diverse Content

  • Create and manage content Pipeline streams to target different audience personas. 
  • Streamline content creation, ensuring consistency across platforms from one Calendar. 

Maximize Results with Bluesky Publishing

  • Drive meaningful engagement and maximize your social media impact. 
  • Save time, streamline content, and achieve your social media goals. 

Bluesky Gaining Traction Shows A Promising Future

Like Mastodon, Bluesky represents a paradigm shift in social media towards a future that gives people more control over their social media community ownership and content. 

We are pushing for this future because we want to join you along this journey by prioritizing control over community growth and ownership, and convenience in publishing, analytics, analysis, and listening. 

The Early Birds Get The Growth

By embracing Fedica’s cutting-edge capabilities, you position yourself at the forefront of innovation at the right time within the growing desire for decentralized social media platforms.

Platforms that give power back to creators fosters rewarding opportunities like monetizing your social media presence, driving engagement, and creating valuable connections in the future. With Fedica, you can build real relationships, and set yourself ahead when the technology matures with a thriving community. 

Join us on this groundbreaking journey as we revolutionize the way you engage with your audience.