This Social Media Analytics Platform Supports the Fediverse with New Tools 

Samir here, CEO and Founder of Fedica (formerly Tweepsmap). 

Today I’d like to announce that we’re expanding our analytics capabilities to other social networks besides X (formerly Twitter), and we are also changing our company name to Fedica! 🎉  

This necessary evolution shows how we’ve grown as a service that simply started as a tool to map Twitter followers, and later provided advanced analytics and publishing tools for more platforms. 

Fedica has always been expanding tools from follower analysis to analytics, spearheading advanced capabilities for those who want to stay ahead of the curve. We pride ourselves with listening to what our users need and build new solutions first.  

We have since grown into a trusted source for innovation, building unique solutions and innovating what’s possible on X by being the first to create scheduled threads, polls, demographic mapping, and much more.  

Here’s all the new tools now available in Fedica! 

  • ✅ Analytics for Facebook, Instagram, & Mastodon  
  • ✅ Follower Demographics for Facebook, Instagram, & Mastodon  
  • ✅ Best times to post for Facebook & Instagram  
  • ✅ Follower Segmentation for Mastodon 
  • ✅ Follow/Unfollows tracking for Mastodon  
  • ✅ Follower Mapping for Facebook, Instagram, & Mastodon 
  • ✅ Follower Growth & Decline tracking for Facebook, Instagram & Mastodon 
  • ✅ Optimize your messaging for more engagement with Open AI’s generative AI across 6 platforms 

We’re thrilled to offer these new capabilities in addition to the wide variety of toolsets we have for X under the Fedica brand. Explore all the new upgrades available on our new website,, where you can schedule to Mastodon, Facebook, X, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn, for free. 

Grow your authority by sharing the hype before anyone else.  

What’s Possible With Your New Tools? 

With these new capabilities, you’re able to measure your engagement insights from X, Facebook, Instagram and Mastodon. You were always able to publish to all 6 platforms, and now you can reach your audience when they are most active on Facebook and Instagram instead of only X. 

It’s never been easier to reach the right people at the right time, especially since you now have access to our smart algorithms that empower you with real insight into where you followers live, how they grow and what their demographics are for Facebook, Instagram and X!  

All of these new tools give you the freedom you deserve under one dashboard and in a single content calendar. Post when people are online, see your entire strategy together, organize your content in one content library, schedule drafts and measure your success all in one place. 

Further, group you followers to plan live events, create hyper-targeted ads and make new data-driven product or content ideas easily with Follower Segmentation on Mastodon in addition to X. 

What social media tools are you looking for?  

New Tools, New Name, Same Mission.  

So, Why Fedica? 

It’s nearly a decade since we were only a tool for mapping X followers. This is why we needed to refresh our name because at our core we do so much more than just mapping.  

Fedica was inspired by future-focused ideas of the fediverse that combine your communities across social media platforms, and we want to continue being your partners along this journey into this next era. 

Looking back, we were always on the forefront of social media tools, constantly innovating what was possible. We were the first to build scheduled X threads, scheduled polls, tagged media, deep community insights and of course mapping features from an algorithm we developed over years and today we are the first comprehensive analytics & publishing platform for the fediverse. 

We’re thrilled to continue this journey with you. It all started from your valuable feedback and trusting us to build unique solutions you couldn’t find anywhere else.  

Join us at and let’s continue building real relationships and communities across platforms. 

Explore your new tools to achieve the impossible today.