Declining ChatGPT Interest Signals Changing AI Landscape in Q2 2023

Since the release of ChatGPT, searches and conversations about the tool has reached its peak. The initial excitement for ChatGPT is seemingly declining which prompted us to investigate the changing discussions around AI.  

While doing routine engagement monitoring for May, we surfaced generative AI as the topic receiving the most interest with our audience. Investigating the X (formerly Twitter) conversations further, we used our hashtags and keywords analysis tool for conversations including “ChatGPT” and “Generative AI.”  

To our surprise, we found that while ChatGPT’s popularity was diminishing, generative AI as a broader topic was gaining momentum globally.  

So, we dug deeper into our filterable analytics capabilities to ensure that the emerging growth of this new topic aligned with our ideal prospects’ demographics before further investing time into creating content around this topic.  

This exemplifies how marketers can now make strategic digital marketing decisions without relying on guesswork. 

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Monthly Analyses

To gain insights into the changes in X conversations surrounding the topic “Generative AI,” we compared the monthly analyses of discussions in October 2022 for perspective before the announcement of ChatGPT in May 2023. 

Global Circulation

By May, nearly 19x more tweets and over 16x more contributors joined the conversation since ChatGPT’s launch. 

This growth highlighted the increasing relevance and impact of generative AI as a topic known to the general public across the globe. 

Monthly Demographic Analysis: 

Analyzing the monthly X conversations, we noticed a shift in the demographics of people participating in the discussion.  

Media, art, and culture professionals, who made up 23.3% of the conversation before ChatGPT’s launch, increased to 32.9% by May 2023.  

Conversely, science and tech experts accounted for only 24.8% in the later period, signaling a shift in the demographics discussing the topic, which is critical for marketers looking to gauge a topic’s relevance with their ideal prospects.  

We also looked at Google Trends and Google News to see if the trend was comparable beyond only X. Through mid-May, interest in Google News began to shift from ChatGPT to generative AI. 

To our surprise, the top topics in May’s analytics report revealed that people engaged most with generative AI during this period, indicating our audience’s engagement and interest in these words alongside this trend. 

Finding Content-Market-Fit with Deep-AI Engagement Analytics

On a high level, more people are talking about generative AI, and as the trend continues to grow, it becomes a topic worth discussing because of its truly global appeal.  

By joining in the conversation with the right understanding of the people behind the conversation, you can know with confidence if it’s a topic that will attract the attention of your target prospects or not.  

To confirm this data-driven decision to continue engaging with this topic, we dove a little deeper into our filterable analytics to learn more about the people behind our data. 

Just because your audience is engaged with a particular topic doesn’t guarantee its alignment with your business goals. It’s essential to compare these engaged people with your target audience to determine if there is a content-market fit, particularly with the personas you aim to attract in your inbound funnel. 

To find content-market-fit, we used our engagements analytics to filter keywords like “Generative AI,” “ChatGPT,” and “OpenAI.” This approach allowed us to segment our analytics and measure these topics separately, being able to pinpoint who was engaging with these topics beyond only one hashtag apart from the rest. 

Segmenting by content in your analytics dashboard enables you to see which persona from a segment of their audience likes what content topics and know how important certain topics are for their growth goals. 

We matched the demographics and interests of those engaged in the broader generative AI conversation with our audience who engaged confirming that this topic was a perfect fit for our audience because the people we attract are in line with the kinds of people who want powerful AI-driven analytics, analysis, and publishing tools. 

The continuous growth in engagement with generative AI by smaller accounts is evident. By providing exclusive audience analysis capabilities for effective audience segmentation, we can attract individuals who are actively seeking strategic growth opportunities to expand their communities.  

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