Best Bot Checker: Fedica’s X (Twitter) Bot Detection Tool

What’s the best bot detection tool that shows if someone’s followers are real? What if they’re just inactive, suspended or deleted their account?

The best bot detection tool is Fedica’s Follower Quality Audit simply because it comes with other tools that keeps your account healthy in more ways than just finding bot followers.

For example, what about checking other accounts for low-quality or fake followers you engage with? Or checking your content for low engagement, and analyzing lists of people for bots?

Maybe you want to take the offence rather than the defence and check your most actively engaged followers in your Twitter Analytics and your Real Influencers who have connections with your followers.

Here’s Fedica’s bot detection tool in action:

The Importance of Follower Audits

Bots limit your reach and mess with your stats by:

  • Lessening engagement rates
  • Inflating accounts in a way that limits reach
  • Misleading account owners and collaborators about their followers
  • Spamming your content with irrelevant information that alienates your genuine followers

Bot protection ensures your account remains clean and healthy. This is where Fedica’s bot detection tool comes into play.

Now, let’s see how Fedica does more than just audit followers:

Key Features of Fedica’s Bot Detection Tool

Fedica’s bot detection tool is only one part of the follower analysis tools you get under one subscription designed to help you grow your account. Also, the tool is built for your account, other accounts and lists of accounts. Here’s all the ways you can use this tool across Fedica’s services:

  • Run an X (Twitter) audit and analyze all of the followers.
  • Identify the number of fake followers, low-quality followers, mid-quality followers, and high quality followers.
  • Check lists of people for bot-like followers and all the followers that follow the same few people.
  • Run fake follower audit of any other public X (Twitter) account.
  • Group followers by quality level, and save them as a Fedica list to get their demographics and activity patterns!

Fedica’s Bot Detection Tool: A Closer Look at Quality Audit

The bot detection tool allows you to audit your followers or anyone’s followers, like future collaborators with a full range of audience analysis demographics and more so you take your analysis above and beyond merely finding fake followers on Twitter / X.

Your audit gives you a social score that shows the health of your followers depending on fake follower activity in your community!

If you have bot-like followers, then your other metrics will not be accurate, and your growth will slow down. That is why this tool is added in other sections of Fedica when analyzing Twitter lists of accounts, for example.

Improving Your X (Twitter) Account Beyond Fedica’s Bot Detection Tool

After running an audit with the bot detection tool, you can take further action and bring your follower audit to the next level:

  • Filter and sort your followers with follower segmentation for inactive people and other people that have no profile pictures, for example.
  • After finding fake accounts following you, check the people you follow for inactive accounts and filter out those following you too.
  • Track your unfollowers, so you don’t get stuck following them and check the history of who followed who when.
  • Compare your Twitter follower demographics and stats with the people engaging with you to spot if it is your content, fake followers or activity that is slowing your growth.

Interested in taking complete control of your growth?

Curious About Your Twitter Followers & Analytics?

Fedica Grow plan includes follower analytics, scheduling tools, and everything you need to grow, in addition to auditing the quality of your followers.

  • Unlock follower growth, profession and locations stats, & find fake followers
  • Schedule content like replies, polls, threads, videos across platforms
  • Deep dive into your Twitter / X analytics & see who likes your content
  • Search bios and keywords to find Twitter accounts, & sort + filter your followers

Fedica Research plan includes everything in the Grow plan, with audit on anyone‘s account and key engagement, activity and audience demographic stats on any public account.

  • Includes scheduling, analytics, find & analyze followers
  • Unlock larger accounts to audit & all account-finding options
  • Get a full stat report on any account, list of people, or conversation
  • Compare followers between accounts, then analyze or create targeted ad campaigns
  • Understand who follows you and which tweets perform best so you improve your strategy over time!