Zoom in on where followers are engaging with you on Twitter (now X)

You may already know that the Fedica interactive map tools are great to track and map your followers and growth, but now you can track and map any word, hashtag, account, or phrase!

Did you ever need to track what people were saying about a brand and know where this conversation was taking place? Did you ever need to understand the conversation around a hashtag, or need to track a X (formerly Twitter) chat? Fedica will collect the data and provide you with a simple cohesive report on your search. Not only will we create beautiful and easy to understand performance reports, but we will allow you to drill down on an interactive map to analyze your performance right down to the city level!

Search any word, hashtag, account, url, or phrase and Fedica can give you the information you need:
  • Where is the X conversation?
  • Who is talking about your brand?
  • Where was your tweet retweeted?
  • Where are people engaging with you?
  • Who are your most influential advocates?
  • What did they say?

Create Hashtag Report

We have a basic tweet tracking report and a premium report. The basic report is FREE, reports on up to 100 tweets. The premium hashtag / keyword tracking report includes up to 1800 tweets and lets you drill down on an interactive map to see exactly who is saying what where. The Premium Report is great value at $15 (reports included with certain pricing plans).

Fedica will track your X hashtag, keyword, account phrase and give you the information you need for your brand or business.

We will tell you how many tweets, the number of countries, the number of cities, and the maximum reach of the keyword / phrase or hashtag, as well as give you access to an interactive detailed map.

Twitter chat TweetChat reports

Do you want to know how many of the tweets were retweets vs. replies vs. original tweets? We’ve got you covered.

Keyword Hashtag Twitter Tracking

Reach distribution and timeline is included in the report, as well  we will also track who the top influencers were who tweeted, and a full tweet transcript.

Our tweet reports are exactly what you need in a hashtag report or a X chat analyses.

Why not try it out today?

Right here: Fedica Hashtag / Keyword X Tracking Reports