Where are the Nickelback Fans?

Last week a joke went around Facebook – it went something like this:

“Click here to see who you should immediately purge from your friend list” and then it would return a list of your friends who like Nickelback on Facebook.

Hating Nickelback has become The Thing To Do, but… this band is huge. If everyone hates Nickelback so much, who is going to their shows and buying their albums other than Avril Lavigne?

We decided to use our Fedica powers to find out.

Nickelback’s 645K Twitter followers come from 215 different countries. Here is the percent of followers from the top 15 of those:

Nickelback Twitter Fans by Country

US, UK, Brazil and Canada – you are the guilty.

Okay so let’s drill down deeper in the US. Where exactly in the US would you expect the fans to live? Middle America, East Coast? West Coast? The South?

Nickelback Twitter Followers by US State

And the top US cities?

Nickelback Twitter Followers by US Cities

Now you know. Funny how New Yorkers like to think that they are the taste makers… They seem to be leading the charge!

Have a look right in Nickelback if you want to see for yourself where the Nickelback Twitter fans live by country, state, or city.

Fedica also tells us that Avril Lavigne is their follower with the most followers, she has 15.5 million followers… roughly 15 million more than Nickelback. It’s nice that she in one of the two Twitter accounts that Nickelback follows.

Nickelback’s followers by language – the Spanish seem keen:

Nickelback followers by language

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