How To Build a Tweet Calendar

Let’s face it, as much as we love Twitter we are not glued to Twitter 24/7. Maximizing our reach however means we have to be tweeting content when our followers are listening, not when we have free time to tweet. Thus, it is essential that we all have a tweet calendar for the week (or month) ahead.

The planning stage is usually the most difficult part, you basically need to find topics that will have timeless relevance. You definitely don’t want to tweet something a week from now when it would be old news, your followers might just be turned off seeing that you have stale tweets. There are few strategies that you can use to find content for your calendar:

  • Find interesting information that is relevant to your industry and tweet it
  • Find out what topics your followers talk about frequently and try to look for (or write) related content
  • Do Twitter searches on certain keywords to measure how many people are interested in these topics, and tweet about them.
  • Trending topics on Twitter can also have higher engagement, but make sure you pick ones that can last few days or weeks, not something that can become stale news in few hours.
  • See which of your tweets get the most engagement and repeat them the next week (or next month)

Once you have the tweet plan the rest is easy, there are plenty of tools that allow you to schedule your tweets to be posted in the future. You can spread your tweets during the days you have them scheduled, ideally you should schedule the tweets to go out when it is the best time to tweet to be seen by your followers. Our Tweet scheduler also makes building your tweet calendar easy, you can see which days you have scheduled tweets (and how many) vs days that you don’t have any tweet so you can adjust your calendar accordingly, it also allows you to repeat certain tweets (weekly or monthly) and that way your calendar will become fuller and fuller with tweets as time passes by while you do less work, a win-win!

Once you have your calendar all setup, don’t forget to tweet emerging news! Your tweet calendar is only meant to have continuous content, but your followers will always appreciate breaking news, or news for the hour, this would make your account a treasure of both knowledge and breaking news. Your followers will love you for this.

Do you have a tweet calendar? Share with us your success stories, we would love to hear them.