4 Must-Have Apps for Spring 2021

The sun is shining and the air is warm. It is now that time of year again to finally step outside
and start enjoying the regrowth of the spring season. To prepare for the new season, let’s take
a look at some of the best apps to help you get yourself and your space rejuvenated for this


If you haven’t thought about spring cleaning yet, or it’s just not your thing, try FlyLady
(download for IOS) to get you started! FlyLady makes the cleaning process easier by dividing up
your house into sections to be cleaned such as the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, etc. This will
help you focus on one room at a time as you assign specific cleaning tasks to each section. Set
time limits to each section to keep you on track and once done, check it off your list! Plan
around your schedule and split up sections throughout the day to make it the most convenient
for yourself.



Are you holding onto outgrown winter sweaters or roller blades that haven’t been used in
years? Try making some extra cash by posting your unwanted items on NextDoor! NextDoor is a
a neighborhood-specific social network app that allows you to sell unwanted items to other
local people in your area. The mechanics are simple! Just upload a picture and description of
the item you are selling, then fill in information like price, description, and photos. Local buyers
from your area will reach out for payment and pickup details and there you have it! An
environmentally friendly way to reduce and reuse all while making some extra cash.



Life can get busy, so being more organized is a great goal to set out for yourself this season!
Whether it is to stay on top of your business, or better your own personal schedule, try using
Google Calendar to stay organized. This free platform is widely used because of its convivence
and easy accessibility with just about any device. The cross-platform functionality it provides is
what makes the app so popular as it allows you to create multiple calenderers and export them
to almost any other online calendar your use. You can easily transfer events, dates, times, and
to-do lists between all of your calendars! You can also utilize the platforms video chat functions,
where you can easily invite others to chat for meetings or projects. Additionally, Google
Calendar automatically syncs your current time zones which benefits those who travel
regularly. The color-coding function is just the cherry on top for this scheduling app that will
help you in staying organized this spring season!




With warm weather approaching and quarantine ending in the near future, you may have been
trying to save a buck or two for those fun summer activities! To help you save big this spring,
download the RetailMeNot coupon app! RetailMeNot lists coupons and deals from more than
50,000 retailers and provides custom alerts when new deals have appeared, or old ones are
going to expire. So don’t pay full price this spring, save your money with RetailMeNot!


March can be a busy time from preparing taxes, spring cleaning, and growing
out of your winter habits. To help you get your house, belongings, scheduling, and savings in
shape for the spring, try some of these 4 must-haves apps that will get you back on track for the
new season!