Tips and Tricks for Twitter (now X) Growth

People often find themselves stuck in a rut with their X (formerly Twitter) engagement levels weak and their following stagnant. However, most users do not realize the time and effort it requires to gain traffic and engagement on their content in order to maintain a well-balanced profile that has a growing audience. Still suck? Let me walk you through a few a tips and tricks of how to grow your X!

Posting Consistently

Just like people like consistency, X users like to see it too. Many users will rely on who they are following to keep them entertained and informed on a weekly-daily basis. This means that you have to develop a good posting consistency in order to keep your followers happy and engaged in your content. If you are just posting a post once every two weeks, some may view that as boring and become disengaged with an unfollow. However, if you are posting over twenty times a day, some may also view that as overwhelming and inauthentic. Therefore, it is important to find your healthy balance of posts that can be posted at a consistent schedule. Try Fedica’s “posting schedule” tool to help you stay on track with your content!

Share Relevant Information

You want to make sure that you are sharing content that your followers are genuinely interested in. Whether you are posting about political campaigns, product tutorials, sale strategies, or whatever it may be, make sure it appeals to your audience! You may want to search trending topics so that you can appeal to a larger audience while keeping it relevant to your following.

Post Visual Content

While information can be appealing, looks matter too! Having pictures, videos, and links to additional content can really stand out. Using bold and attracting colors, illustrations, and templates are all great aspects to keep in mind. As well, try creating original photos and videos that are fun and shareable. Having a strong creative post will catch scrollers eyes while making your content more memorable.

Optimize Your Posting times

Now that we have the posts figured out, posting times is the next crucial topic. Posting while your followers are sleeping will not gain you that following you deserve. Timing your posts can help you reach target audiences at their peak active times depending on their different time zones. This can increase the exposure on your account and lead to higher engagement levels and followers. Not sure when you should post? Try using Fedica’s “best times to post” function that specifically scans your followers and measures when they are the most active on X!

Use Posting resources (hashtags, threads, tags)

Use what X gave you!! While additional tools and resources are useful, using the simple tools that X provides can help you increase your following more than what you think! For starters, incorporating hashtags into your posts will help you connect your content to specific conversations and make your posts more discoverable to others. The same thing goes for tags! Tagging people people/ groups into your conversation will generate momentum on your page and possibly attract others who follow/ keep up with those tagged accounts. Lastly, threads are useful if you need to expand off the 280-character limit when telling a story, explanation, or sharing your learning. Posting your content into a thread format will increase your traffic flow by sharing engaging topics that will automatically expand into your audiences timeline.


It is all about growing an audience connection when trying to develop a higher following. Instead of just posting posts and logging off, why not stay awhile and chat! Replying to other comments/ opinions, reposting others content, and following other influential people will generate activity on your profile. When your X presence becomes noticeable, you will increase engagement and expand your follower base.

Learning how to increase your following will take experimenting and time. Even though it takes effort now, it will pay off in the long run! Try out the media marketing platform Fedica for guidance in publishing, community analysis, and insights that will assist you in growing your followers!