Stay Connected This Season

As majority of us approach the year mark of the first lockdown, it comes with no surprise the way our communication styles has shifted in order to stay in touch with loved ones. Resorting to a screen has been the only option for most, where video chats and direct messaging is the most efficient and safest way to stay connected during these times. This change has promoted higher usage of digital communication that will further assist the new way which we connect with others. Let us dive in to find out which social platforms are trending this season!


Connect with others on the app TapeReal, where you are given the opportunity to record an audio or video of your choice. You can express yourself individually or call a friend to create together! With its unlimited HD recording, you can express yourself on a short recording or long-form up to 2 hours per tape. Share things such as talents, podcasts, stories, music, and even teaching skills. This content can be shared for friends and family to view, listen, and engage with! The best part is, TapeReal avoids filters, algorithms, and any of that fake stuff so you have the full potential to reach your audience.


Stay in touch with friends and family, anywhere and anytime, with WhatsApp. This free app offers reliable, simple, and secure messaging and calling to any mobile device around the globe (where some data charges may apply). You can send and receive texts, photos, videos, documents, location, and voice calls. WhatsApp allows you the ability to communicate to any friends or family anywhere in the world without barriers! Try it out for free and get connecting with your loved ones.


TikTok is a growing social media app that is newer to the digital scene. Here, you can share short videos that have a recording time of up to 60 seconds. You can express yourself with its cool features of music, special effects, and editing tools that can be posted to your own personal profile. You can share videos publicly or privately with just friends and family!


Introducing another messenger app that brings you closer to people than ever. This free mobile app has multiple functions to offer such as text messages, voice and video calls, and its unique limitless variety of fun stickers so that users can better express themselves! The Line app has more than 600 million users interacting and utilizing Line’s new experiences and conveniences which it has to offer.


People often resort to their favorite YouTube channels to be entertained by funny, informative, or interesting content that aligns with their interests. However, YouTube can also be a great place to share memorable videos and memories with friends and family! Test out your creativity by making videos and experimenting with fun editing tools. Film a “how to” for your favorite chocolate chip recipe to share with friends or capture your day at the beach to send to your family. While distance has been an obstacle for most this year, create and share exciting videos with those who you miss the most! The video sharing website offers free usage and an easy uploading process that will allow you to start sharing content ASAP! out these social platforms to stay connected more than ever this season!