Material Money: How to Have a Relevant Blog in the Digital World of Wealth

Sports cars, private jets, and million-dollar mansions are just a few things that are constantly popping up across social media. Users are constantly flaunting their most expensive handbags and consistently sharing photos of gourmet dinners. It is these things that the average person does not necessarily have but has the chance to simultaneously experience through certain social media accounts, making these profiles intriguing for most. So how does ones blog stay relevant/ interesting in the digital world of billionaires and socialites? Follow these few simple steps to keep your blog intriguing without the fancy cars and superstars!

Have Your Niche

It is important that as a blogger you have discovered your “niche” profile. This means your specialized segment of writing and your overall goal for your audience whether it is to entertain, inform, or educate your readers. The more you are passionate about a particular subject area, the more it will show in your writing and leave people wanting more. If you are interested in traveling on a budget or cooking vegan style recipes, these are all things that will catch an audience’s attention. To also ensure you are sticking around the same subject matter, it is important to do your proper research and look at different angles to write about. Branch out and do not be afraid to be different!Be Relatable

If you are not keeping your audience entertained by posting about your new vacation every other week, than I got you covered! Although these accounts are fascinating to follow along, they are not relatable to the average person working their 9 to 5. Ideas on the most luxurious vacation could be useful, but everyday tips and tricks of easy DIY projects or free guided workouts may be more beneficial! The use of tone and language also lies in relation with your readers. No one knows your audience better than yourself, so find ways to speak to them on a relatable note that will keep interested.

Different Can be Good

While you are trying to maintain an audience, your blog should also be for your own self expression. Take it as an opportunity to branch out and experiment with different things! Pushing boundaries and trying out different subjects can help you stand out in the crowded digital world. It can be a learning process, so test out different avenues whether some fail or succeed. However, it is important to keep in mind your readers and what they will not find insulting. Experiment and get creative!

Whatever it is you chose to write about, make sure to keep it interesting for both yourself and your audience. You cannot attract everyone, but you can keep your audience happy with digging down to their personable level and finding out what works best for them. Being relatable in the online world of opulence can attract more people than what you think with a good dose of authenticity and entertainment that will keep your readers coming back for more!