Post for the Fun of it. And oh…you may get a profit while you are at it!

Times have evolved past our funny Facebook mems and embarrassing pictures. We have progressed past the days of throwing up the peace sign for a photo or over saturating our selfies. Social platforms such as Instagram have transitioned from their casual use of sharing to a growing marketing service. Where at the click of a button, people are profiting more than ever off their posts. So how is this done? Read down below for how you can start profiting off your Instagram today!

Bloggers, Youtubers, and anyone else who has gained an audience on their platform often has the engagement, influence and algorithm figured out. Something that companies often struggle with. Brands will often reach out to creators for sponsored posts, affiliation, or selling photos. Combined, these factors offer financial opportunity for Instagram creators that allows them to explore multiple streams weather they are making a 6-figure income for themselves or just wanting to earn some extra cash and free things on the side.


Your followers are the first place that most brands will look at for collaborations, but you do not need as many as you may think! “Micro influencers” are creators who have less than 10k of a following. Brands will often target these profiles for collaborations as they tend to have high engagement levels. The higher your engagement is, the better! So, having 100k of “fake” followers will not land you those brand deals in comparison to a micro following with high interaction activity. It is then beneficial to spend the time growing trust and relationships with your audience.

Your Feed

It is important to find your niche for your Instagram profile. Post frequently about things you enjoy and that inspires you. Whether its from fashion, cooking, fitness, or traveling, there is something out there for everyone! Having a “theme” to your feed will track brands that suit your style. So, if you are consistently sharing your recipes and food creations to your profile, it is more likely that cooking brands will be reaching out looking to collaborate. Having quality photos will also be a standout feature if companies are looking to purchase photos for  advertisement purposes.


Its also critical to draw on the importance of consistency. Having frequent activity on your page will draw more followers and make people more engaged with the variety of posts you offer. As well, make sure to spice it up! While posting photos are great, do not forget about your stories or even highlight reels that bring a lot of traction to your feed. Posting interactive polls, quizzes, and questions are also great tools for connecting with your audience.  Having a healthy mix of posts will keep your followers engaged and wanting more. Which in return, will be a noticeable factor for brands. As well, make sure to keep it authentic with these features. Showing your personality and real life through your profile will make you stand out from everyone else which then will draw in followers.


While brands or companies may stumble upon your profile, it is also important to be proactive! Producing a simple PDF profile page with your basic information such as name, stats, posts, and email, is a great way to reach out to brands and explain to them why you want to work with them. Taking the time to curate professional emails and an appealing profile review will better your chance of impressing brands with your committed attitude. Additionally, top influencers can make up to thousands of dollars per post by collaborations and partnerships. This can be achievable with commitment to your profile but make sure to manage your expectations when starting out! Set reasonable prices based on your following and activity by doing your research to find out how pricing operates in the social media industry. However, make sure to remember that you do not need to be accepting all offers but to stick with ones that suit your values and style.


Many influencers who post for their full-time job also must obey the policies that have risen from the popularity of sponsored content. Rules around social media advertising, what is considered an ad, how to disclose a post, and other factors, are all requirements which influencers must respect. Polices on advertisements can range from country-to-country, so make sure to do your research beforehand so you are aware of the requirements and avoiding any problematic issues for your profile.

With Instagram growing more than ever since its launch in 2010, it comes with no surprise that influencers are changing the game more than ever with their defined algorithms and audience engagement. People who have put hard work and dedication into their Instagram profiles are seeing the financial results they deserve, and you can too! With a clear vision, authenticity, and passion, you can gain a following and create your own platform to score those brand deals you have always dreamed of at the tip of your fingers!