The Era of Social Screening: How You Should be Presenting Yourself Online

Potential candidates tend to think that the interview process begins the minute they meet the interviewer. However, the interview process begins much sooner than that. Employers have progressed past the simple days of waiting to meet their potential candidates face to face. Instead, they are now utilizing the perks which the internet has to offer by screening employees social media platforms before the potential interview process.  

It is important to prepare for your interview with a social media clean up by following the few simple steps provided!

Delete Questionable Posts 

While in the moment that photo felt okay to post, hiring managers will review that and may think differently. If you are posting things to your social media accounts that are profane, rude, or offensive, employers will click past your profile with some preformulated opinions on you. Posts that are related to drinking, drug use, or any other conduct may also be a big turn off for employers in search of potential candidates. Its important to go through these photos and delete anything that may underrepresent your professional image. While they may not be on your account, its also important to un-tag yourself from any other pictures that friends of family may have posted of you that are less-than-professional. And if needed, ask them to permanently delete them. Pictures of drunken college conduct are not the professional image that interviewers are looking to hire and will be necessary to get rid of to achieve a successful interview process.  

The Perfect Profile Picture  

When clicking onto someone’s profile, the first thing you will notice is their profile picture. This is the first impression you gain and surprisingly, can say a lot about them as a person. So, present yourself in a fun and professional way as your first impression! Headshots are great but jazzing them up with photos of yourself that are more fun and exciting can catch potential employers’ attention depending on the job position. Whether it is a picture of you on a summer hike or baking grandma’s apple pie recipe, showing off your personality online represents those soft skills you may have of being creative, motivational, or energetic. But remember, keeping it professional is key. 

Update Info 

If you are among the many who created a Facebook years ago on its launch date, then there is probably a good chance that your profile is not as up to date as it should be. Things such as your “about me” are addons that tend to get ignored by family or friends, but for potential employers who do not know you, it can be the first place that some will examine to get a better understanding of yourself. So, make sure these descriptions are still a true and accurate representation of who you are. You can update this by going to homepage and clicking your name in the top right corner, right below the Facebook logo, then “update info.” The same can go for your Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn for outdated photos, bios, and any other information that may not be relevant.   


Watch What You Say  

While potential employers will be scanning your profiles photos, they will also be doing the same for any written messages and comments. In this case, its critical that you have proper grammar and spelling on your public profiles that will show them you are a desirable applicant. Misusage of grammar of getting heavily political on your socials may leave hiring mangers questioning your intelligence and qualifications. As well, displaying any discussion of work-related topics may lead you in a sticky situation. So, keep your socials free of any work-related projects or discussions on your boss, as this will not lead you in a trusting position with future employer.  Even through not all hiring managers may scan your social media before hiring, there is still always that potential chance that they will be researching you online. So, stay on top of the game by following the easy steps above to impress hiring managers and land those desired interviews!