2021: The Year of Digital Interviews and How to Land Them

As we have shifted into this new year, we bring with us some common trends that the chaos of 2020 promoted. Luckily, we have left behind the urgency to stock up on mass amounts of toilet paper but beneficially kept the popular switch to online interviews in the job market. As this virtual form of meetings continue, here is some helpful tips to assist you in landing the job!

Download Platform and Triple Check Connection  

There are several video chat platforms that interviewers often use such as: Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Skype and more. Employers will often send the scheduled time and video chat link in advance. It is useful to find out the platform which the call will take place and download the app to your computer or tablet and make an account. This can assist you in the best call quality and prepare you prior on how to use the platform so any confusion can be solved before the interview process. As well, it is crucial to be connected to stable and strong Wi-Fi so no cut-outs or blurriness of the call occurs. Having accurate connection can assist you in feeling better prepared and giving you the full opportunity to present yourself clearly and consensually over the screen, with little to no interruptions.  

Dress Code is Key  

It is no secret that most of us have spent the last months in the casual comforts of our lounge wear. However, when it comes to virtual interviews, it is critical to be treating them just as if you were going into the office (although, the joggers can stay). First impressions are everything, so it is important to be dressing to the company culture and position which you are seeking. Having your hair done and if necessary – makeup applied and groomed facial hair, can contribute positively to your impression on the interviewer as well. A tidy and confident appearance will only assist you further in your digital interview process all while being in the comfort of your own home.


Well Kept Environment 

 When performing interviews from home, it is necessary to keep in mind the space which they are being held in. Your surrounding area should be in a brightly lit room so that it is easy for the interviewer to view your face in flattering lighting. It is important to be in a quiet space for the attention of both parties. Notify others in your household that you cannot be disturbed and if possible, for them to be quiet as well (a sign on the door can help this). Also, it is key to be set up at a desk or table area where your device can easily rest and your body posture is confidently presented. Laying in bed in a dimly lit room will not present yourself as a serious candidate for the job. Lastly, is it important to check your surroundings in the camera view to make sure it is clean space displayed with no sign of inappropriate items.


The functioning of interviews in the job market have shifted drastically over the past year. Although many are now occurring in the casualness of people’s homes, it should not change the formality or professionalism of the interview. Taking these beneficial steps to properly prepare will only ensure you for a virtual smooth and successful interview process.